Sevilla performed the second round successfully in the European League Qualification

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In Summer happened serious changes by the club. After Vincenzo Montella sent off, the last season was finished on the bench with Joaquin Caparros, who recent got the position of Director of Football by the club. On the bench arrived Juan Pablo Machin from Girona (where went the former FC Barcelona midfilder, Eusebio Sacristan).  Machin, who naturalized the 3 defenders system by Girona, brought the former world and European champion, Carlos Marchena as assistant coach.

After the first struggle in the European League Qualification against Újpest FC one could witness Machin’s vision about his team. The Andalusians won the first leg 4-0 at home, so the second leg was only formality, but in Budapest they won again 3-1. Some words about the Budapest’s match, which I could see on the field. Sevilla conjured a footballing feast in the Szusza Ferenc Stadium. The prettier past holder hungarian football rarely agitate so many people, like Sevilla did.  It was almost sold-out house, and the audience was very grateful, all attempts was followed by applause.

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Sevilla played with 3-4-3 shape. Machin used his wingbacks, that gave right width to the team, and one of them could always focus for the attacks. The two wingers moved inside and took up a place between the Újpest’s defensive and midfield line. With it, they gave a pass opportunities for the defensive midfielders, and was outnumbered in midfield.

At the same time the striker moved outside, thereby Sevilla could come more times behind the Újpest’s defensive line. An area, which became free by this movement, was uploaded by the two wingers, who arrived for the crosses. An other side wingback tried to arrive in the box, and a same side wingback and one of defensive midfielders arrived in front of the box, that acquire the second balls. So they could finish their attacks with 6 players.

Sevilla | 2

(White arrows show the player’s movement, RWB isn’t seen in this picture, the black shows the ball’s movement, and the red shows Ben Yedder’s movement)


Sevilla won easily both times against Újpest. But the struggle showed us, what we can wait from the andalusians. Machin’s 3-4-3 shape can transform into 3-5-2 or 5-4-1, it depends on the opponent, this system may familiar to us from the WC, where Belgium played in similar system. Roberto Martinez’s team won a bronz medal, which is great successfull for the Belgians. Maybe Machin’s team will achieve similar successes, on Sunday we will see, what Sevilla can do against Barcelona, this match will be real trial of strength.

For this season the goal is definitely, that Sevilla can qualify for CL’s 2019/20 season. One team, which last season knocked out Manchester United, and could play two strict matches against Bayern München, deserve to play for the most prestigious European cup. There are two ways, how they can achive their goal. One of them, that they will win sixth time the European League, the other, that achieve at least the fourth place in La Liga. Both cases are imaginable. We will see.