Wolves 1-1 Manchester City | Tactical Snippets of Wolves’ game plan


Manchester City traveled to the Molineux as they tried to maintain their position at the top of the table, while newcomers Wolves welcomed the defending champions. It was a match between the champions of the Premier League and the Championship as two tactically versatile and adept sides faced off. The match was characterized by Wolves’ intense pressing midfield off the ball to stifle City when they had possession while they used their wingbacks extensively while having the ball. These facets are explained in brief below.


Wolves 1-1 Manchester City | FI

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Tactical Breakdown:

  • WOLVES PRESSING: Wolves have displayed an intense mid block that has seen them close down any central option immediately and force City into unstable circulation of the ball. The wingbacks and the three forwards have put in a lot of work to help maintain the intensity
  • WOLVES PLAYING OUT OF CITY’S PRESSING Once Wolves regain the ball, they’ve emphasised on retaining the ball and progressing quickly, instead of punting the ball forward -the wingbacks have been absolutely crucial here,by providing themselves as outlets on the far side


It was a hard fought point for Wolves as they were able to trouble Man City for large periods in the game. Their shape off the ball was perfect to stifle City and prevent them from scoring in open play. City on the other hand will feel done by hard as Wolves’ goal came from a handball by Boly when he scored the goal. It was a tactically interesting game with many facets of play in display.