Real’s Position in UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid in Champions League | FI

The performance of Real with the new lineup caused the greatest interest among fans. Thus, the club plays without Zidane and Ronaldo, for this reason the fans had several naturally determined questions. Observers are interested in who will replace the winner of the Golden Ball. In addition, Lopetegui’s actions are questionable.

The fans were able to see the answers to these questions immediately after the first match of the Super Cup. You can watch UEFA europa league on a special website with high-quality broadcasts.

Real New Game

In order to assess the prospects of a team with the new lineup, it is worth considering the following factors:

1. Unsuccessful start of the Cup for Lopetegui. At the very beginning of the match, the Meringues showed bad result, providing the opportunity not only for the penalty, but also for the goal. After its success, Atletico chose a defense tactics, but became the subject of strong pressure from Real.

2. At the same time, Lopetegui’s team showed a good result in terms of combinations. The missed ball did not stop their fervor, thanks to that the score was leveled. Simultaneously, Atletico defense was attacked by Benzema, Bale and Asensio, who was very close to the second goal.

3. Many sports analysts say that the game without Ronaldo will allow Bale to prove himself as much as possible. The match confirms this opinion, since the Valian has created a number of scoring moments for the team.

4. During the second half, Atletico managed to take the initiative. For this reason, Lopetegui decided to replace Asensio with Modric. It is important to understand that the player has not fully recovered after the World Cup. Modric gave the team a goal, indeed, but this is more thanks to Juanfran.

After that, Atletico managed to even up the score, taking advantage of Costa’s potential. The match suggests that without Ronaldo the lineup does not keep an effective performance throughout the whole match. Thus, by the end of the game the players failed to create a scoring chance and win.

This match is indicative; it says that Lopetegui needs to find a worthy fill-in for the “golden” player of the squad. Thus, the candidate for this is Eden Hazard, who currently plays for Chelsea. However, it is important to note that a number of Ronaldo’s key techniques is not available to him because of insufficient height.

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