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Wolverhampton Wanderers are newcomers to the English Premier League. For this reason, the club attracts a special attention of fans. Thus, the observers’ forecasts are very diverse. It is worth recalling that the last time the club entered the EPL was in the season 2011-2012.

In order to assess the capabilities of the team, it is worth considering the latest events that affect the club’s game. Now, the players will have to overcome the new conditions created by these factors.

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Latest Events

Currently, the following events influence the club’s positions:

1. Ikeme departure. The goalkeeper spent most of his career with Wolverhampton Wanderers. During this period, he became a harmonious part of the team, which significantly determined the coaching tactics. However, now the club needs to take care of additional transfers in order to close the “window”. It is worth recalling that the reason for Ikeme departure was a serious illness, after which his body failed to cooperate to compete at the highest level.

2. Transfer of Zinchenko. The midfielder played in the Manchester City and showed fairly good results. He participated in all matches of the League Cup, as well as in getting the Cup. For this reason, the transfer is a very good decision for Wolverhampton Wanderers. This deal cost the club 16 million Euros. It is worth mentioning that Fulham scouts also showed interest in Zinchenko, a widely regarded youth prospect.

3. A good start of the tournament. The club is the only newcomer who managed to score in the first matches of the League. In this case, it is worth highlighting how Ruben Neves played —his game helped the team get a favorable result. He not only managed to score the first goal, but also made an effective pass, which allowed Wolverhampton Wanderers to score once more. It is important to understand that the team’s success began only after one of the competitor’s players was removed from the field —otherwise the result of the match could not be so successful.

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