The days are dark in Old Trafford

English Premier League 2018: Manchester United vs Liverpool - tactical analysis tactics

Manchester United might be thanking Liverpool for stopping scoring after the fifth goal in the league match at Old Trafford. Still, it was a nightmare for the Red Devils at Old Trafford when the Reds thrashed them by five goals. The situation is very critical in Man United betting after the disastrous loss.

Liverpool and Manchester United are some of the fiercest rivals in football, and they have a history of great football. The matches between them are considered as one of the classics in football where we see every type of drama. The latest match between them had a lot of drama, as expected.

In the last three matches between them, one was a win for United; one was in favour of Liverpool and one ended in a draw. The final game last season was another thriller, where the Reds beat United for four goals.

United came to the match after a dramatic win against Atlanta in the Champions League. The team went down to two goals in the first half after the poor mistakes by the defence, especially by their captain Harry Maguire. But they did come back in the second half, and Ronaldo scored the winning goal with a header. Still, the defence was an unsolvable issue for Ole.

Liverpool also had an enthralling win against Atletico in the Champions League before getting ready for the match. After taking a two-goal lead in the first half, they conceded two in the second half. But a late goal from Salah sealed the win for the Reds. The red card for Griezmann was an advantage for Liverpool as he was the one who scored both the goals for Atletico.

Coming into the match between United and Liverpool. The away side started the game strongly, as expected. United was not able to dominate the game as Liverpool had the upper hand with continuous attacking. United’s defence was shaking from the first minute, and it didn’t take more time for Liverpool to break that fragile wall. Nabi Keita opened the scoreboard in the fifth minute. It was a signal for United about the upcoming disaster. Liverpool scored the second in the 13th minute with a goal from Jota. It felt as if United did not have the strength to respond.

The fans were praying not to have a humiliation by their rivals.
Then it was time for the Egyptian King Salah to continue his goal-scoring streak. He ended up scoring a hat-trick and became the first Liverpool player to score a hat-trick at Old Trafford.

With the three goals, Salah has already scored 15 goals in total this season. Ten in the Premier League and five in the Champions League. Now, without a doubt, we can say that Salah is in the form of his life.