On footballbh.net you will find everything you want from a football analysis site – namely match analysis, player analysis, manager/head coach analysis, recruitment analysis and set-piece analysis.

What more could you want? A monthly football analysis magazine? Yes, we do that too.

Football Bloody Hell exists to provide you, the reader, with a little more context and understanding of the game that dominates all our lives. Football analysis is the way the world is going and we are at the front of the queue.

Been looking to learn about the tactical side of the game and/or looking to learn about how different teams around the world all look to set up as they seek a certain result? Keen to find out more details about the playing style of how certain players take to the field and approach the game with their own game plans?

As mentioned, we have a vast variety of articles looking at an array of different analytical approaches the wonderful game of football has to offer and we look to share all those different methods in an easy to read and informative way so that you can get the same enjoyment that our writers get from creating the pieces!

We hope that we can help you understand the game in more detail and improve the quality of conversation you can have with your football-loving friends.

Are you interested in learning more about the analytical side of the game? Do you have the ability to look at it in that way but looking for the place to share your talented skill to a wide audience? We are here to help you achieve what you want to achieve, so why not join the team and apply to write for us by downloading an application pack?

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