Football, Bloody Hell.

Sir Alex Ferguson immortalised this phrase shortly after Manchester United completed that comeback versus Bayern in the 1999 European Champions League Final.

A simple throwaway line can explain the game in an instant. The feelings and emotions of seeing your team win or lose, score or miss. Those iconic moments that you remember from your childhood because, let’s be honest, football was always better back then no matter how old you are today.

On Football Bloody Hell, we aim to bring you the very best retro, nostalgic, feel-good football writing possible.

We won’t spend too much time on the modern game unless it’s most likely having a grumble about it – instead, we will take you back to classic moments in time, remind you of stories you have forgotten or ones you didn’t even know about.

Hopefully, once you’ve read our work you’ll come back time and time again.

Our excellent team of writers have many years between us and are fans of the game from all over the world. Many have written for publications such as The Football Pink, TalkSPORT, IBWM and many more.

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