The DMF dilemma of Manchester United

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When the transfer window opened in Europe this season, every Manchester United fan hoped that the management would buy a defensive midfielder. A position where the team should have improved last season. But now, it seems that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has not learned from his mistakes. In some of the matches this season, it was visible that the team should have a natural defensive midfielder. A player who can connect well with the defence and attack of the Red Devils. Right now, they don’t have a player with such qualities. If they sign a natural DMF, then Man United betting will have a significant rise.

Ole plays Fred as the defensive midfielder in the majority of the games. But as a DMF, the Brazilian cannot shine well. It always looks like that he is not the one for that position. The critics and fans constantly criticize him for his performances in every game. The issues in that position were always haunting Ole this season, and he could not find a solution. It was well exposed during the match against Young Boys in the Champions League. After falling to ten men when Wan-Bissaka got the red, the team’s structure was changed. But as a defensive midfielder, Fred was not able to sync up with the team very well. He looked like he was stranded on the ground. After the defeat in that match, Fred was the player who got the majority of the criticisms from the fans. They wanted Ole to drop him the starting XI.

Ole also tried different players in that position. But Fred is the one who gets more defensive duties. But he cannot defend well, which results in more work for the defenders to stop the attacking. Another player that Ole hopes to be a perfect option is Scott Mctominay. But his movement towards more attacking makes him better in other options. Against the narrow win on West Ham, the same defensive problems ended in conceding a goal.

Ole tried different combinations with Fred. But none of them was able to impress him. But he had hopes on the duo of Fred and McTominay. But that it was not up to the mark against Everton, where the team dropped two points.

It seems like it’s not a problem with the quality of Fred. He is proving that in the matches with Brazil. With the national team, his performances are awe-inspiring. Tite knows that Fred cannot be a defensive midfielder. To excel, he must play alongside a natural DMF. It’s also a reminder for Ole.

So, United needs a natural defensive midfielder who can act as a perfect bridge between attacking and defending. Someone who can break the striking of the opponents when they start it. The majority of the fans expect the club to quickly sign a defensive midfielder in January or the summer transfer window. If United decides to sign, then the first player on their list will be Declan Rice. He is the one who can solve the issues, and it will also put an end to United’s DMF dilemma.