The whole Brentford FC family are on a dream run right now. After getting promoted to the mighty English Premier League, they faced Arsenal FC in the opening match. Probably around 90% of the viewers were not expecting a massive performance from the new boys. But what we saw on that night in Brentford Community Stadium was something different. They introduced their arrival in the best possible way to the football world. They won the game dominantly with two goals. An unexpected treat for the viewers. It was the inception of a new era in West London. The fans will also feel a freshness after watching their matches. Arsenal was also not expecting such a shocking result. Brentford FC is attracting much football for soccer betting on their games.

There is a long story behind Brentford FC’s promotion to the Premier League. It was a long-awaited return for the Bees. Seventy years. That’s how much they waited to see the club back in the top division league. During all those years, the Bees were constantly playing in the third and fourth divisions. They didn’t have consistency, and it affected them to climb to the top leagues.

The complete turnaround for the club happened when a businessman and an ardent, lifelong fan, Matthew Benham, took over the club in 2012. It was a rollercoaster journey for the club from that moment onwards. The ultimate aim and dream of Benham were to see his club back in the Premier League. But he didn’t want to do it just by splashing millions. He had a perfect plan in his mind. According to Jon Varney, the CEO of Brentford FC, he has only taken ‘calculated risks’.

They used the innovative way of analytics in sports and found maximum revenues for the clubs by trading players by increasing their values. With the calculated risks, the club knew how much time it would take them to reach EPL. This year, the patience resulted when they beat Swansea in the playoffs to touch the Premier League table finally.

The unique strategy of the Bees makes them different from other teams. It also reflects in their gameplay. They might be the only club that uses an innovative approach in EPL in games and the revenue model of the club. This might be the reason why we feel freshness while watching their matches.

Brentford FC is enjoying the success of their prolonged efforts and hard work. They are already in the top ten of the Premier League after some impressive performances. The draw against Liverpool was one of the best attacking performances of Brentford. Even Klopp admitted that they should be careful in the matches against the Bees.
Brentford’s next match after the international break will be against Chelsea. It will be a massive test for Chelsea as they visit the Brentford Community Stadium.