Can Brentford Establish Themselves in the Premier League?

Championship Play-Off Final 2019/2020: Brentford v Fulham - tactical analysis tactics

Reaching the Premier League is a dream of many clubs, and Brentford have held onto that dream for the past few years. Finally, the team made it last season, and did it the hard way.

Thanks to a tense playoff final win over Swansea, a plan that had been put together for many years finally came to fruition, and now it is time for the next part of the plan to be put in place. Brentford don’t just want to flirt with the Premier League, they want to stay there.

For many years, the Brentford model of signing players and selling them on for big fees to allow further investment in the club has been lauded, we are now seeing the dividends. With this in place, the club will be hoping to avoid being a team that follows in the footsteps of Norwich or Fulham, two prime examples of teams who are too good for the Championship but not good enough for the Premier League.

When Norwich returned to the top flight this season, they were instantly put in as favourites for relegation back to the Championship. For Brentford, that wasn’t the case. Anyone looking for the best football betting offers to use on the Premier League would see that Brentford were given far bigger odds to be relegated, and actually, a comfortable season surviving in the league was the most likely scenario.

Why Can Brentford be Different?

The reason why Brentford have the ability to be different to the rest is all based on the model they use to build a football team. They have invested in players, sold them on for higher and then reinvested the money they have made.

In many ways this makes the club like a revolving door, but what it does is it constantly allows them to improve and be better, while spending more and more money each time. If you look back at strikers who have played for the club, Ivan Toney is just the latest in a long line of success stories.

Neal Maupay was a big hit at Brentford, he then went on to sign for Premier League Brighton due to that success. After Maupay, Ollie Watkins was the next man up and he did enough to earn a big money move to Aston Villa, where he still plays now.

This time around, the player is Ivan Toney, but he doesn’t have to be sold just yet. Of course, the way this club works means that if a big offer comes in for him, they will consider it. However, rather than being sold to a team in the bottom half of the Premier League, he can now play for a team there by staying at Brentford.

Compare that to other teams, who have to go out and spend money each year, Brentford don’t have to do that. The conveyor belt style production line that is in place at the club, and continues to be a success, could well enable Brentford to establish themselves as a solid Premier League team in the near future.