When the Covid pandemic affected the football industry and resulted in the stoppage of football matches, the clubs were looking for innovative ways to engage the fans more and give them a different fan experience by sitting at their homes. They wanted to provide a new experience beyond what they get from the stadiums with the help of technology. It was during that period the popularity of bitcoin and cryptocurrency increased among football fans. They wanted to know deeply about what they provided and how it would help them be closer to their clubs. Crypto betting will gain more popularity in all clubs within one or two years.

The pandemic time was the perfect time for the clubs to introduce more fans to the world of digital tokens. They knew that it would help them after the pandemic period to increase the revenue. When the clubs were struggling due to the enormous financial losses, the cryptocurrencies and all the other related digital tokens helped them at least to an extent to reduce the economic losses after the matches restarted. It was also a way to allow them to build a foundation for the new digital world of the future.

The crypto companies also targeted the football clubs to have a tie-up. Right now, we must be familiar with the title given on Inter Milan’s jersey. The Italian Club has the word $INTER on their jersey. It is a part of the cryptocurrency that we are talking about. They are having a deal with Socios.com. It’s a blockchain platform where fans can buy tokens related to their club and use them as an asset or trade them according to their wish.

Like Inter Milan, their home rivals AC Milan, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United are partners with Socios.com. They can trade the fan tokens, and also it will help them to increase their revenues. Also, the fans will be closer to the clubs and even have a say on some of the significant decisions taken by the club. It will surely make them feel that they are completely attached to their club.

In August, when Lionel Messi moved to PSG, the club announced that some parts of the player’s payment and bonus included fan tokens. But the club didn’t disclose how much was paid as fan tokens. The digital asset exchange Crypto.com also has an agreement with the club for multi-year partnerships. Another example of the increasing interest in fan tokens.

The world of football is also stepping into the world of digital currencies. They want to increase their revenue stream through new steps. We will see more billion-dollar partnerships with these companies in the coming years. But we should also notice that there are fans who still don’t have much knowledge of cryptocurrencies. So, the clubs should also be aware of it while introducing new fan tokens.