How can football clubs be ruined without gambling sponsorships?

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There is something mystical and overwhelming about online casinos and their growing influence on the world around us. Platforms with real money pokies and other casino games are generating a lot of attention these days because they attract millions of players and sign generous sponsorship contracts with football clubs.

But this is about to change soon. Virtual casinos will remain some of the biggest sponsors in sports, but they won’t be able to promote and advertise as much in the following years. We will explain to you why.

The consequence that will hold football clubs without gambling sponsorships

What happens with football clubs that lose casino sponsorships? Well, you can probably think of the answer on your own – many teams will suffer severe changes business and organization wise. Here’s how it works:

  • Less money: The first consequence of the process is that football clubs are going to lose a lot of money because they are not allowed to place casino ads on their jerseys or anywhere around the pitch.
  • No superstar players: Football players are not celebrities who like casino, but they do depend on casino sponsorships in terms of transfers and salaries. Without serious sponsors from the gambling industry, it is highly unlikely that certain clubs will be able to afford superstar players.
  • Financial instability: Finally, football teams that mostly depend on gambling sponsorships will probably go through hard times in an attempt to acquire new sources of income and financial stability.

Football clubs that accepted casino money

Another question we should answer here is: What happens with teams that continue to accept the casino payment? It’s a tricky issue because it depends mostly on a given state’s legislation and the corresponding football association.

However, we can conclude that clubs with gambling-related sponsorships will be facing penalties and perhaps even participation bans. Most leagues will try to reduce – if not eliminate – casino ads and promotions, so the only way to do that is by introducing clear restrictions and forcing football teams to respect such measures. Clubs that fail to respect new rules will have to pay for it.

The bottom line

Casino gambling is getting increasingly popular these days, but that’s exactly the reason why football authorities are starting to fight it. Gambling ads and promotions are no longer welcome in many leagues all over the globe because authorities want to prevent young people from getting addicted to online casinos. Do you think that the elimination of gambling sponsorships will make it work?