England face daunting task if they win Euro 2020 Group D

Spielball, Deutschland vs. Daenemark, Freundschaftsspiel, 02.06.2021 Innsbruck Tirol Oesterreich *** Match ball, Germany vs Denmark, friendly match, 02 06 2021 Innsbruck Tirol Austria Copyright: xkolbert-press/ChristianxKolbertx

Now, there are two different types of people in the world: those that have morals and those that do not.

Whilst we would all like to think that as individuals we all make the right choices, there will be some that will do anything that they can to achieve what they set out to do. Call them opportunists, narcissists, or any other label that comes to mind.

Of course, we all want to be ethical 100% of the time, but if that is going to deny success, can we be 95% or 90% ethical?

If England want to win the UEFA 2020 European Championships and provide those betting on them to win the entire tournament via the top betting sites possible, then it might be worth them trying to ‘throw’ Group D.

Now, whilst we do not condone it or want to really see it happen, the Round of 16 tie if England top the group could be potentially disastrous for the Three Lions.

Gareth Southgate’s team are one of the pre-tournament favourites, but if they win their group as expected, they will then play whoever finishes second in Group F – the Group of Death.

Indeed, either France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary will await them in the Round of 16 and stand in the way of progression.

If England were to finish second in their group, which could happen if they actually don’t play as well as they should and fail to match the expectations that many have for them – something England fans are perhaps used to when supporting the Three Lions – they could then face either Sweden, Poland, Slovakia or Spain (should they not win their group).

Although they would each pose potential problems, they are not quite France, Germany or Portugal.

Naturally, nothing is a given in football and it will all depend on the 90 minutes to be played in each of the three group matches that are set to take place.

England will kick off their UEFA 2020 European Championships tournament against Croatia, which is perhaps the hardest contest that they may play in the group stage. Of course, the match would be a replay of the 2018 FIFA World Cup semifinal in Russia in a game many felt the Three Lions were good enough to win.

They will then play against fierce rivals Scotland before completing their group stage against Czech Republic, perhaps with one eye on who they will be facing in the Round of 16.