Football Tips for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers  


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Useful soccer betting tips vocabulary – Fresh from the stands 

Bookmakers and betting agencies – operators which take bets and pay winning wagers.  

Betting odds – The probability given by bookmakers to show the probability that the bet will be profitable. 

FIFA World Cup – This tournament is where players from around the globe compete head-to-head to face each other in a match. 11-a-sides are typically football matches played between 11 players. Half Time/ Full Time Bet – Generally considered a type of gamble that predicts if a player will score at the end of a game / full-time goal a goal will not have. Outright bets – Bets that predict results rather than individual matches. 

Both teams to score 

Italy Women and Iceland Women each scored 11 out of 12 points. Palloseura vs. Dila Gori: Both teams scored 11/11. Saburtalo Tbilisi vs. Partizani Tirane. In their matchup with Laçi, Ikra Danlovgrad received a 4/5. Paide Linnameeskond vs. Dinamo Tbilissi: NO: 6/5 for both teams. Tre Penne will lose to Tuzla City; Tuzla City will prevail. 

Qualifiers Match results  

Belgium women vs. France Women France – France scores 2.4 goals to win (9/13) The teams Defferdeng and Olimpija Ljubljana are favorites to win. / Sfîntul Ghemghe by N. Mura. 2.5 total goals. Breiablik defeats Santa Cruz and wins with a goal difference of 2.8 to 2.9. Petrocub Hîncuești defeats Floriana, winning. Milsam Orhei defeats Panevys 1–1 in their matchup. 

A brief guide to soccer betting – The importance of research 

When betting on soccer, consuming the best tips on soccer is crucial before putting your wager in. The game of soccer is complicated by multiple factors, and having the right match is of the greatest importance to us. We suggest you stick to teams you know, rather than farther away. Our advice would be to look at some good football betting sites to help find some good betting places for 2021. 

The best operators out there 

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Best odds 

Find a sports book that offers the most soccer odds and will hopefully help you to improve your experiences and your account balances! Sometimes there are sportsbooks who have parlay increases too. See our sports comparisons page for more details about the top odds on the market. At, our experts analyze the huge range of betting companies to help you determine the best soccer betting odds for 2019. It should also be important to find the best bookmaker for your needs as well. 


Knowing the right soccer betting method will help increase the probability of winning. If you notice that you’re successful in over/under markets, if you’re also not successful in money lines then it may make sense concentrating your efforts on over/under. 

Popular Football Bets by Teams 

Alternatively, we provide football betting ideas organised by team to make it easy for you to bet any time you wish. Most famous sports teams to bet on include Liverpool and Manchester United. 

Types of Football Betting Tips 

101 Great Goals is an online football betting website with all your favourite soccer betting odds. We also cover the details of placing your favourite tournaments, teams or players for the sake of your advantage. Our tips also cover a collection of accumulator games – the combination of several bets into a single game. The hugely popular bet features four football picks that all have a chance of winning. The betting of the two teams for scores is also popular for the punters because it is about betting on how well each team can score at the end of the competition. 

Popular Football Betting Tips 

We have football predictions for the Premier League, Championship and National Football League of England, and European leagues including La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga. The best bet for upcoming tournaments is probably the best bet type. The main betting option is based upon the fulltime results or scores of 60 minutes. It is widely known amongst the experts because it is simple to understand – you just decide whether the game will be a draw or a one-time win. 

Football Betting Odds 

Some betting types provide higher chances of winning compared to other bets which are more likely because the risks are reduced. Top Goalie are examples of betting which have bigger odds and involves placing bets on players who will likely win. Outright football betting also has better returns and requires betting on leagues and competitions to win. Football wager odds may show as decimal, fraction, and whole numbers and are generally determined by brands. 

Football Betting Offers 

This site offers some excellent football betting sign up offers for current clients to help maximize your bankroll. Those include the Bet365 Football Bet Bonus offering a free £10 bet and 888Sport, which follows up a £10 bet with a £30 bonus on any of the bets.