Outsider Betting — Secrets and Tactics


All sports fans know that the winner is not always the one who was expected to win. Sometimes even the obvious favorites lose, although their victory seemed obvious. Thanks to this “feature” of the big sport, the strategy of betting on the outsider become interesting: the odds, in this case, are higher, and unsuccessful bets can be offset by the winnings from one or two victories of the underdog. At the same time, when choosing a reliable betting platform, you should pay attention to non uk online casinos. In this article, we will talk about how to make money using the strategy of betting against the favorite and how effective this method is.

Reasons for the profitability of betting on outsiders

Before understanding the pros and cons of this strategy, you need to understand a few terms. As a rule, beginners do not consider the participants who are at the bottom of the tournament table and this is their main mistake. In simple terms, an outsider (or underdog) is a competitor who has the lowest chances of success in a tournament or a single match/fight. That is, it is the opposite of the favorite – the team or athlete with the greatest chance of winning. At the same time, athletes and teams can be considered an underdog or an outsider both within the framework of a specific match, and on the scale of the entire tournament.

The strategy of betting against the favorite can give a solid plus in the long run or allow you to earn a solid amount of a single bet. In bookmakers, the coefficient for the victory of such participants can reach large values. Usually, these are quotes in the range from 4.00 to 7.00, but sometimes higher odds are offered. For long-term profit, betting on the underdogs at the specified odds is enough to win one bet out of four. Thus, it turns out that “working” with such teams can theoretically bring much more profit than betting on leaders.

Correct construction of an outsider betting strategy

The past performance of a sports participant is not a guarantee of future success — this is the main point in underdog betting tactics. Eventually, the favorite will lose, and the weak «on paper» team will interrupt their streak of failures. However, it’s not just a matter of luck — a good strategy should be designed to reveal an overvalued favorite and not a trivial accident. That is, additional factors listed below should contribute to the possible positive result of an outsider:

  1. Take a look at the history of personal meetings. Many strong clubs have “unloved” rivals who regularly take points from them.
  2. Watch for changes in the composition of the teams. If a stronger club, according to the bookmaker, has the leading players disqualified or injured, then, in this case, you can bet against the favorite.
  3. Consider field factor. Underdogs are often much better at home games in which they regularly score points. And vice versa — when going to a foreign city, outsiders are more likely to lose.
  4. Assess team motivation. For example, at the end of the season, the favorite can solve all the tournament problems and not be so responsible in football matches. In such meetings, coaches sometimes release a backup squad.

Of course, bookmakers also know about these factors and can change the odds. The underdog sports betting strategy is not just about betting on the underdog to win. Sometimes in this situation, it is enough to use positive handicaps or to bet on the goals of the «weak» team.

Pros and cons of an outsider betting strategy in football

Outsider betting strategy in football does not require opponents to be at opposite ends of the standings. It is even possible that occupying neighboring places, they will receive a significant gap in bookmaker quotes. For example, if one of the clubs lost of the last meetings, and the other has taken an excellent game pace and produces promising results. The advantages of this strategy include:

  • a wider range of different meetings held all year round.
  • the opportunity to win a large amount of money at minimal cost;
  • relatively low margin from bookmaker clubs;
  • using a low-popularity niche for regular income;
  • increase in the size of the deposit when using a series of several bets in a row.

The main disadvantage of this strategy is the difficulty of choosing the right match for a bet. Bookmakers knowingly set high odds, calculating the probability of victory for each team. You need to be well versed in football, constantly follow the news and correctly assess the current situation to have a chance to be in the black in the long term.


Each team acting as an outsider can have excellent statistics against teams of its own level. You should make the most detailed analysis of each participant in the meeting so as not to make a mistake and not lose your existing deposit. In this matter, not only the calendar of meetings helps, but also sports news, as well as forecasts of famous bloggers and analysts. Club purchases can also affect the result — a new team member can show an interesting game and take the team to the top.