Former World Cup winner blames bad chicken for ruining his Premier League career


Perhaps in one of the strangest stories that you will read today, Andre Schurrle has revealed that eating bad chicken ended his Premier League journey with Chelsea and has never eaten it since.

The incident happened back in 2014, three months after FIFA World Cup final in which he played a starring role in helping his country lift the trophy against Argentina.

The former Germany international, who has since retired, revealed that his spell in England ended due to failing to recover from the food poisoning that he suffered and not that he did not want to fight for his place in the team. Bettors will not want to fall foul of something that they can control, therefore checking out the UK bookies tested and researched thoroughly will certainly help them to continue to enjoy their experience.

When revisiting the topic in 2018, he said: “It was a bit of chicken and I’ve never eaten chicken since. It was only me. It was an away game in Poland.

“You see how skinny I am so to lose three, four, five kilos it took me a really long time to get my strength back.

“I was being sick and really feeling like I can’t get out of bed. We found out it was salmonella.”

It was quite a shame that things turned out the way they did for the former Germany international as he had had a rather promising first season at Stamford Bridge. However, with men such as Eden Hazard and Willian both in the squad as well, he found it incredibly difficult to ever recover and be in a position to replicate those promising performances.

He said: “I had quite good stats, important goals and confidence from the manager too.

“It was amazing but the second year it was just very difficult. I had bad salmonella, got really weak and coming back never got the chance to prove myself.

“That was when I got the opportunity to go back to Germany and he let me go.”

Despite leaving Chelsea in the winter transfer window of 2015, Schurrle revealed former manager Jose Mourinho kept in touch and texted him twice, thus showing the affectionate side of the Portuguese manager.

Schurrle said: “He texted the day after the League Cup to say ‘Congratulations, League Cup winner!’

“Then he texted me after they won the title and said ‘Congratulations, champion of England! Please come to the ceremony — we are having a party with all the guys.’

“It was a nice gesture and if I would have had the time I would have come for sure.

“It is weird. Not being there and then getting the medal, you feel like part of the team but not the biggest part because you left at half-time and the team did the rest.

“I probably don’t have the same feeling as the guys that were there the whole season.”

The former World Cup winner would go on a bit of a journeyman career in more recent times, however he shocked many when he decided to call time on his career at the age of 29 following the expiration of his contract at Borussia Dortmund.