What Are The Most Successful Football Clubs In The UK?

Champions League 2020/21 - Atalanta vs Liverpool Tactical analysis tactics

There are dozens of football clubs within the United Kingdom, each of which have experienced wins and losses. Some clubs have experienced more success and popularity than others, and we have come up with a shortlist on which clubs are the most popular in the UK and which are the most successful in the country.


Liverpool is arguably one of the most popular football clubs in the United Kingdom and one of the most successful. The club, which has been around since 1982, has won 19 League titles, eight League Cups, six European Cups which is more than any other English football club, three UEFA Cups, one FIFA Club World Cup, seven FA Cups, and numerous other wins too. The football club’s success has made it one of the most widely supported teams in the UK and helped it become one of the world’s highest-earning football clubs in 2019. With all of that in mind, it’s no wonder Liverpool is one of the most successful teams around!


Arsenal is a London-based football club which has been around since 1886. Since its founding, Arsenal has won 14 FA Cups, 16 FA Community Shields, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, an Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, as well as two League Cups, and plenty more. Back in 2018, Arsenal was named one of the top three most valuable football clubs in England and studies on the club’s social media activity have determined Arsenal to have the fifth-largest fanbase in the world, which is pretty huge.

The success also reflects back in Arsenal’s sponsorship deals, which have been becoming more lucrative year after year. As reported by the gambling site Sister-Sites.co.uk, just recently added Sportsbet.io as an official partner in a multi-year deal to join big names such as Acronis, Ball Corporation, and KONAMI.

Manchester United

Manchester United is another popular football club and one that has a very long history. The club was originally founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR F.C. before it changed its name to Manchester United in 1910. Since it’s founding, Manchester United has won dozens of awards including 20 League titles, 21 FA Community Shields, five League Cups, one EUFA Cup Winners’ Cup, one FIFA Club World Cup, one Europa League, 21 FA Cups, and so much more. Manchester United has won more trophies than most other football teams in the UK and in 2019 was named as the third most valuable football club, making it one of the most successful clubs around.


Chelsea is one of England’s most successful football clubs and is the youngest of all clubs listed here, having only been founded in 1905. Since then, Chelsea has gone on to win eight FA Cups, a UEFA Champions League, a UEFA Super Cup, two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, Six League titles, and so much more. It’s estimated that the club has the sixth-largest fan base in England and in 2018 was named as the eighth highest-earning football club in the world.

There are numerous other football clubs in the UK, but these are currently some of the most widely known and successful. The teams we’ve listed are all household names, and even if you don’t support them, you can’t ignore their success!