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Horse racing is an old and attractive sport that is present in most countries around the world, with the development of information technology, players can easily participate in horse racing bets. The following article of Casino Review BET88          will share very useful information for players, especially newcomers.

  • What is horse racing?

If horse racing was once known as the sport of the king and the nobles, nowadays. Over hundreds of years of development they have become popular with everyone. The racecourse is always packed and the races take place continuously to cater to the entertainment needs of the fans. In addition, live TV shows also attracted a large number of participants.

The bonuses and sponsorships of the betting industry also help this sport to become more and more attractive. With the development of telecom and television networks, nowadays horse racing programs are reported live almost continuously on internet channels. Players can bet at any time based on the online bookmakers.

  • Types of bets and read horse racing odds:

In horse racing betting there are many different types of bet tickets for players to choose from. Most of them are used the same in many countries so this makes it easier for players to participate in multinational betting channels from website

  1. WIN Bet – Single Bet Ticket: In this format we bet on the horse that will finish first. If the horse wins, we will be rewarded. In the event of 2 or 3 horses with the same finish first, all 3 bets on them will be graded as winning.
  2. PLACE bet – Bet on 2 horses: This bet is for races with 7 or more participating horses and correctly predicted the top 3 places will win the prize. For races with only 5 to 6 horses participating, only the top 2 prizes will be awarded and will be awarded at the prescribed rate.

Example: Place a bet on horse 1, 2, 3 x 10 points each. The second horse result is the first place, the player wins and receives the reward according to the formula 10 x 1.65 (Odds) = 16.5 points.

  1. QUINELLA Bets: This is the type of bet in which the player needs to select at least 2 race horses to participate. This form is a way of predicting two horses to finish first and second in the same race.
  2. QUINELLA PLACE bet: This is a way to select the top 3 rankings and players need to select at least 2 horses to place a bet.
  3. TIERCE bet: This is a way of playing that selects first, second, and third rank horses and the player needs to choose at least 1 horse for each rank. If any prediction wins, you will be rewarded with the following formula: The odds of that horse x the amount the player bet.
  4. TRIO bet: With this ticket type, players only need to choose at least 3 horses to get the top 3 prizes, regardless of ranking. As long as the predictions win the top prizes, the player receives the proportional bet.
  5. FIRST FOUR bet: With this ticket, the player needs to choose at least 4 horses that will win the highest ranking in the race. Note that these results are irrespective of the rankings of the winners, provided they are in the top four with the highest prize.
  6. CROSS bet: This is a bet ticket where each player can choose from 2 to 6 races to place their bet.

3) How to read Payout / Odds:

Each horse is numbered and their payout is also disclosed. Winnings are calculated using the formula: Winnings = Stake x Odds.

For example read the following simple odds:

  • Odds 6-5

Reading: 6 to 5 odds

Meaning: You will win $ 6 for every $ 5 you bet.

Actual payout: 6/5 + 1 = 2.2 times the original bet $ 5 = $ 11.00 Payout

  • Odds 10-2

Reading: odds 10 to 2

Meaning: you will get $ 10 in profit for every $ 2 you bet

Actual payment: 10/2 + 1 = 6 times your principal $ 2 = $ 12 paid


Horse racing is a highly entertaining sport bet and a good investment if the player has good judgment plus a little luck. Hopefully, with the above sharing by Casino Review BET88, everyone has a grasp of the betting methods, racing odds and the payout of this game. If you have passion, do not forget to try your luck today to become a winner and bring attractive profits.