How to play roulette with cards at Fun88

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Roulette is a popular betting game at many casinos in which Fun88 is played by many people. The betting methods of this type of game are varied and the rewards are very attractive. At the same time, Fun88 betting house has a high payout ratio, so it is increasingly conquering more and more players. If you want to make money from a Roulette game, then let’s learn how to play and tips to play Roulette with Fn88pro to always win in this article.

  • What is a Roulette game?

Roulette – translated in French means little spins. Roulette will have 1 spinner and 1 number table for players to bet. There are a total of 37 numbers (from 0-36) for European Roulette and 38 numbers (from 0-36 and adding 00) for American Roulette.

In the game Roulette at Fun88, players will choose to bet one or more different types of bets such as: bet a single number, bet on black – red, bet even / odd, bet multiple numbers, or bet high number (19-36), or low (1-18).

After placing a bet, Dealer spins the first wheel. Then release a small ball around the circle around the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will fall on one of the numbers on the wheel. If the ball falls into the boxes placed by the player, you win and receive a bonus.

  • Instructions on how to play Roulette:

Step 1: Register an account at the Fun88 dealer. To be able to participate in online betting games, you need to register an account to become a full member. Signing up for a betting account today has become very simple, you just need to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Log in to your Fun88 account. Once you have registered for an account, please login to your account to start playing Roulette.

Step 3: Select the game Roulette. After successful login, select “Casino” on the menu bar – choose the game lobby, then choose the game Roulette.

Step 4: Place a bet.

Choose the bet par value (also known as chip).

Choose a door to bet. Roulette has many types of bets for players to choose from such as:

  • Number bet – single bet: On the Roulette wheel numbered 0 -36, the player can bet on any number. The odds for this Fun88 bet are 1 to 35.
  • Split bet (also known as a double bet): Players bet on 2 numbers by placing their chips on the line between the two numbers. If the ball falls on 1 of 2 numbers you will win and get 17 times the chip value you bet. The odds for this bet are 1 to 17.
  • Street betting (also known as triple bet). This bet means you can bet on 3 numbers in 1 row by placing chips on the outer line of that row. If the ball falls on one of those 3 numbers you will win and receive 11 times the amount of the chip you bet. The odds for this bet are 1 to 11.
  • Corner Bets. Players will place their chips at the 4 numbers in the corner where the four numbers meet. If the ball falls on one of those numbers then you win and receive 8 times the amount of chips you bet. The odds for this bet are 1: 8
  • 6 Numbers Bet. You can place your chip on the outer bar between any line. If the ball falls on one of the 6 numbers you will win and get a bonus 5 times the chip value you bet. The odds for this bet are 1: 5
  • Black red bet. You can put your chip in either red or black boxes. If the ball hits the box with the color you choose, you will win and get 1 time the number of chips you bet. The payout ratio is 1: 1; If the ball stops at “0” or other than the color box you chose, you lose.


Above are all the detailed information about how to play the game Roulette at Fun88. Hopefully, through this article, Fn88pro can help players understand more about how to play Roulette as well as grasp the secrets and tips of successful Roulette in order to win for themselves. Wish you all luck and win!