Premier League’s biggest weekly earners

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Money has been much of the talk in the Premier League over the last few years as many struggle to believe how much money is available in the game these days.

Indeed, with the surge of popularity that the Premier League has received over the years as well as the success that clubs from England have been able to generate for themselves, financial resources were always going to improve. In fact, Dutch bettors can also improve their own financial resources if they were to check out the best betting sites Nederland when placing a wager on any sporting event.

Transfer fees have sky-rocketed to an astronomical amount as clubs are not always in dire need for vast sums of money these days, although wages appear to have climbed to another level.

Whilst the general public might be happy to take home an average wage of between £20,000 and £30,000 a year, footballs can now make that sum in a day or two! Admittedly, those players need to have been considered to be some of the best in the world, however footballers in general have the ability to earn more than that figure on a weekly basis if they are involved in the Premier League. However, bettors might want to read a Betiton review if they want to be in with a chance of receiving some big funds!

Such is the amount of money available, it is rather eye-opening to see some of the wages that these players receive, however which footballers are earning the most in England’s top division?

Give Me Sport managed to break down the figures by using various sources including Spotrac, and have provided us with a rundown of the top 20 earners:

20. Timo Werner | Chelsea | £179,000-per-week

19. Roberto Firmino | Liverpool | £180,000-per-week

18. Alexandre Lacazette | Arsenal | £182,051-per-week

17. Ben Chilwell | Chelsea | £190,000-per-week

16. Willian | Arsenal | £192,308-per-week

=12. Tanguy Ndombele  | Tottenham | £200,000-per-week

=12. Harry Kane | Tottenham | £200,000-per-week

=12. Marcus Rashford | Man United | £200,000-per-week

=12. Mohamed Salah | Liverpool | £200,000-per-week

11. Edinson Cavani | Man United | £210,000-per-week (per the Daily Mail)

10. Gareth Bale | Tottenham | £220,000-per-week (per talkSPORT)

9. Sergio Aguero | Man City | £230,135-per-week

8. Anthony Martial | Man United | £250,000-per-week

7. Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang | Arsenal | £250,000-per-week

6. Thomas Partey | Arsenal | £260,000-per-week (per the Mirror)

5. Mesut Ozil | Arsenal | £268,750-per-week

4. Paul Pogba | Man United | £290,000-per-week

3. Raheem Sterling | Man City | £300,000-per-week

2. Kevin De Bruyne | Man City | £320,833-per-week

1. David de Gea | Man United | £375,000-per-week

As they detailed further in the article, six summer arrivals have made the top 20 list immediately, although some of them were already involved at other Premier League clubs the year before, thus perhaps knowing how much they could potentially pocket if their new employers were willing to pay it.

David de Gea’s £375,000-per-week looks even more ludicrous at the moment, though. Having raised eyebrows when he was initially offered that amount to stay at Old Trafford amid the possibility of leaving on a free transfer, the Spanish goalkeeper has made more than his fair share of mistakes in goal and has cost Manchester United much more than incredible sums of money whilst in between the sticks.

But, it is not his fault he is paid that much; blame the clubs.