4 Top Matches Played Behind Closed Doors


The Coronavirus pandemic hit and all the major sporting events either got canceled or suspended. It was a big blow for sports fans around the world.

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1- America vs Tecos (2009)

Playing matches behind closed doors due to a virus outbreak does not appear very surprising in this age of the COVID-19. However, when such a thing happened back in 2009, it was quite an unusual thing for a lot of people.

It was a La Liga MX fixture between America and Tecos in 2009 at the Azteca Stadium. This was the time when the H1N1 swine flu virus had created a very panicky situation. That’s why this huge stadium that could accommodate 100,000 people remained almost vacant. Only a few staff members inside the stadium and a handful of fans outside the ground were present during the match. Tecos scored two goals and ultimately won the game by 2-1.

2- Fenerbahce vs BATE (2013)

Fenerbahce, one of the most successful clubs in Turkey, received a strict punishment from UEFA when its fans disturbed the play against Borussia Monchengladbach in the Europa League. The Turkish fans set off fireworks inside the ground and the governing body of football decided to bar spectators for the next match.

However, when Fenerbahce were playing against BATE Borisov, fans outside the stadium still launched fireworks onto the pitch. The match was delayed a little but Fenerbahce went on to win by 1-0.

3- West Ham vs Castilla (1980)

In 1980, West Ham traveled to the Santiago Bernabeu to play against Castilla in a UEFA Cup First Leg. This was a time of rampant football hooliganism and some rowdy behavior was also seen in this match that West Ham lost in the end.

UEFA responded by deciding to play the second leg behind closed doors, which was relatively lenient considering the magnitude of crowd disturbances in the previous match. Besides the playing staff, there were 262 administration employees who were present inside the stadium.

The Hammers went 3-0 up in the game but the Spanish side hit back in the ending stages to knock their rivals out of the competition.

4- Juventus vs Lecce (2009)

In 2009, Juventus secured a stirring comeback victory against Inter, but they did not receive any praise for it. Their victory was marred by the fans who directed racist abuse at Mario Balotelli. Subsequently, the Black and Whites were forced to play their match against Lecce behind closed doors. The result of that game wasn’t also great for the Turin based club as Gianluigi Buffon conceded an equalizer and hence the match ended as a 1-1 draw.