EPL Update: The English Premier League is to Resume on June 17

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Many major sports events have been affected by the health crisis that the world is dealing with, which is the 2019 coronavirus or COVID 19. This includes the English Premier League (EPL) which was officially placed on halt on March 13. Since then, the League has been eyeing to come back on by next month or sometime in June.

Fans surely have missed the EPL with its 100 days of hiatus. Surely, many people are looking forward to placing their bets once again on apps like 1xbet mobile and online on different bookie sites once the EPL is back.

Last week, the government did give the sports league in the UK the green light to come back by the start of June and since then, the EPL has been working on getting the players and everyone else involved in the league ready.

The official date is announced and the EPL will be back on June 17. The two fixtures on this day are matches between Manchester City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United. On the following weekend, the first full round of matches will then occur.

On Saturdays, there will be four back to back matches and the same goes for Sundays. There will also be games scheduled on Monday and Friday nights. Midweek slots are also likely to occur. The details will be released once it’s all ready, but it is likely that the whole season will end on August 1.

The remaining fixtures that are still 92 matches in total will be broadcasted live in the UK through Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport, and Amazon Prime. These matches will also be broadcasted around the world.

Well, the League will surely prepare for the return of its season the right way as they have the plans to have the players and the staff tested for the virus at least twice a week. Whoever tests positive will be obliged to self-isolate or be in quarantine for a week.

Without a doubt, many fans are excited for the return of the EPL, but for sure, there are also players who will be nervous about it. Former Manchester United player Phil Neville talked about how he’s excited about EPL’s return. He also said that if he’s in the shoes of the players, he will definitely be nervous.

CNN Sports interviewed Neville about it and here’s what he had to say.

“I think the first question you would probably ask is: ” ‘Why are we going back? Is it going to be safe?’ We must pay respects to the players because they’re the ones that are going to be putting themselves out there. Some of them might have been affected. Some of them might have had family members or friends affected by this incredible pandemic which has come from nowhere.”

He continued, “I think there’s had to be a lot of assurances. I think having no fans in the stadium is a big thing for players. You look at the atmosphere in games that you’ve played in or that you’ve watched, a lot of those great games were made by the fans in the stadium so I think we’ve got to accept that football is going to be a little bit more different.

“We’ve got to adapt to that but ultimately, the player safety is paramount for me. If it’s safe for a player and they do the right tests and they’ve got the right procedures in place, then if the government gives the go-ahead and the right medical certificates are signed, I think it’s the right thing.”

Aside from the return of the EPL itself, Liverpool fans are also simply looking forward to the team getting awarded as champions. This is the first time after 30 years that the team will finally win the League once again. It’s been a long time waiting and there seems to be nothing that will stop the team from getting the title.

In a previous interview with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, he expressed that there’s just no way that the team wouldn’t bring the title home. He said, “I see no way Liverpool would end up without the title. If it is played, theoretically they are not yet guaranteed, but practically it is decided. And if it could not be played, it would also be necessary to announce results.”

For now, football fans or the fans of the League will just have to stay tuned for the full schedule of the remaining fixtures as this will still have to be discussed in the next few club meetings.