What is Fantasy Premier League Betting and Is it Worth It?

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Sports betting is a fun activity that many football fanatics would get into every time the EPL season is up. However, aside from this, many fans are also looking to place their fantasy Premier League bets every season. Do you know what Fantasy Sports Betting is? If not, we’re here to talk all about it and let you know what you should.

Fantasy sports betting, in general, can be placed in a fixed-odds market or online where the winner can claim a portion of the total prize money. Fantasy football, in particular, has been around for many years now and it has also evolved over the course of time.

If you’re someone who us fond of placing bets online on apps like betway mobile, then you may also want to give fantasy football betting a chance. Through this, you can create your own team and still get excited about the current season because your team stats will depend on the actual stats of the Premier League players.

And so, here’s how this really works. You get to pick a squad of players that will give you scores or points on a weekly basis. These points will be awarded to you if they get to score goals, assists, and have clean sheets. There are a few criteria and you should check that.  You can also make changes to your starting players by transfers throughout the season. By the end of the season, the team with the most points wins.

Now, what is the difference between placing a fantasy bet and placing a regular bet on a football match? For starters, the payoff is completely different. If you pay for two fantasy Premier League teams in the month of July for the start of a new season, you will not be able to receive your winnings until May the next year.

Meanwhile, if you place a bet on a specific match to determine or guess its outcome, you should be able to receive your winnings instantly. You don’t have to wait until the end of the season to be able to get your winnings.

Playing fantasy football can be a bit tedious because you really need to keep an eye on your athletes or your teams. You should always check the news for injuries and other team changes. Sure, regular sports betting also requires you to keep track of the players in a team, but you can just watch the match and already be done with it. Fantasy football betting is just a whole lot different. Your game still carries on even after a match. It basically carries on throughout the season.

Alright, so you now understand how fantasy betting works. Choosing your team alone can be a bit overwhelming, but we have some tips that should help you do this.

  • In choosing defenders

For this, you’ll need someone with clean sheets, a center back that can also be a forward for set pieces, attacking full-backs, or a defender that can take set pieces corners, free kicks, and penalties.

  • In choosing midfielders

You’ll need someone who can register a lot of assists and take a lot of shots. They should be able to take set pieces and play out of position. Avoid defensive midfielders.

  • In choosing forwards

Obviously, you need someone who is a goal scorer. Go for penalty takers and someone from a team that takes a lot of chances.

  • In choosing goalkeepers

You can get someone who is likely to take a lot of shots. This is someone you can take from smaller teams who are likely to go against teams that take a lot of chances. If they keep a clean sheet, you can get bonus points too. You can also choose a goalkeeper from a big team, but it has to be from a team with a really solid defense.

The more you play fantasy sports betting, the more you get to improve your strategies and learn what you can do better next time. It is surely hard to predict whether your team will do good the whole season. Just don’t get too excited about getting star players. You should really know which players are likely to score for you. Don’t just choose players because of their names.

Also, just because a player isn’t doing good this week, it means that you can already use your chance for a transfer. You should know how to wait it out a bit. Transfers, when not used, call be rolled over to the next week, but know that you can only use two of these at a time.