Neymar in Brazil: The Star’s Reputation at his Homeland

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Neymar and the Brazilian Public Eye

When it comes to South American footballers, especially the stars, there are two reputations at play. Especially nowadays as young players are always checking their social media and interacting with the fan base.

There are two entirely different ‘medias’ and ‘public eyes’ that affect Neymar’s behaviour. The European (especially the French one) and the local, Brazilian one.

We are talking about a player that is famous for taking any opportunity to fly back to Brazil. Sometimes against the will of PSG, and sometimes arriving late back in Paris for the beginning of the season.

If you read this paragraph only, Neymar is loved in Brazil, but that is not consensus. However, he equally isn’t criticised in his home country as much as he is in Europe, especially by the French press.

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The Local Reputation: More Balanced than in Europe

It’s natural to eventually assume, based in Europe, that Neymar is loved in his home country and that’s that. His reputation, however, isn’t that great, but it’s also not as bad as in France, for example.

It’s fair to say the Spanish press was also ‘easier’ for him to deal with back in his Barcelona days.

About 50 to 70% of the fans in Brazil support him in spite of the many ‘interests’ outside the pitch and the world of football.

But there’s a significant part of the fan base, and even society itself, that can be considered critics. The situation that Neymar faces is not easy: he has been the role model of a successful footballer to an entire generation of Brazilian kids that grew up during his best days in Europe.

So, a lot of what he does, including the infamous aggression towards the French fan, and a famous outburst with a Brazilian coach back in his Santos days, is discussed and scrutinized like no other player in Brazil.

Moreover, Neymar grew up under the spotlight. While Ronaldo Nazário, for example, started at his first big club, Cruzeiro, when he was 17, Neymar was already famous for his skills when he was 9. Videos of his skills had been aired on broadcast TV in Brazil before the term ‘viral’ was even a thing.

He was nurtured as a gem at Santos from the very beginning. In Brazil, what happens with Neymar is sometimes compared to the ‘Disney child actors phenomenon’: too much responsibility too early, and then a few (sometimes more than a few) negative headlines during the twenties.

Too Old to Be A Boy?

Another controversy in Brazil is one of his nicknames in the country. He’s often referred to as ‘Menino Ney’ which translates, literally ‘Ney, the boy’. But… Isn’t he 30 right now? Yes, he is. But does he behave like a 30-year-old who’s also a father? It’s fair to argue that many Brazilians see Neymar and players of his generation as more childish than the regular players of the World Cups of 1994 and 1998, for example.

What About Being the Captain?

Another interesting topic is why he never became a captain of the Brazilian team, unlike talents of his generation like Messi and Ronaldo, for example. A lot of that has to do with the fondness for parties, and personality traits too.

Not my Opinion!

The goal of this article was to bring some insight into how Brazil sees their number 10. The reason for that being this affects the behaviour of Neymar, at times more than what is said in Europe.

I hate being judgmental of anyone, and this is not because this is a public article. I believe Neymar grew up under immense pressure to help his family financially. Being aware that you could be a game changer to your relatives when you are…9! This is something I cannot relate to, and therefore, I think any judgment call in terms of his character can be very cruel.

In terms of football analysis and betting analysis, I do believe at times he could be a bit more focused on football. For example, a few years ago he had an ankle injury, and instead of staying in France for treatment… He visited Brazil for the Carnival! Personally, I would have stayed in France and trying to learn French as hard and fast as possible (something that he reportedly didn’t do yet). However, footballers also face a mean schedule that doesn’t allow much in terms of vacation, so then again… Hard to judge the desire for some leisure.