Football Betting Promotions to Look Out For

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Being showered with what may on first appearance look like high valued promotional offers and deals by online gambling sites, is all part and parcel of life these days, and each of those sites are eager to get as many new customers as possible to sign up to their betting platforms.

However, just keep in mind the age-old saying, all that glitters is not gold, for many gamblers who enjoy betting on football matches have discovered to their cost, a promotional deal can often simply be a trap to get them to sign up to and deposit and place a bet at any bookies site.

It will be by reading through, studying, and digesting the terms and conditions attached to any football offer, bonus, or promotional deal that you will ultimately then be able to work out which ones, if any, are worth claiming.

With all of the above in mind, I shall be giving you a few pointers in this guide as to what to look out for if you do enjoy betting on football, but do not want to get taken for a ride so to speak, when it comes to claiming any type of offer from a bookie online.

A deposit match bonus may seem quite appealing, for by funding your account at some betting sites, they will often double the value of that deposit by adding bonus credits to your account.

But, and this is a big but, often you will find there are bet-through requirements attached to the bonus credits, meaning you are required to place a huge multiple of the value of those credits by placing lots of bets to achieve it, and only once you have placed that multiple of wagers will those bonus credits become real money credits.

If you do come across such a bonus then look at what the bet-through requirements are, the general rule of thumb is the lower they are the better.

Free matched bets are never going to be in short supply these days, and they are simply bets you get given to you which are of the same value as one you placed with your own funds earlier.

As for what to look out for when you see such offers advertised, well be aware that often the value of the stake of the free bet is removed from any winnings you achieve, and there can often be a maximum payout cap.

Meaning that if you win over a certain amount using a free matched bet then those excessive winnings are removed from your payout. So, always read through the bonus bet rules to see if any bookies site is going to force that rule upon you when you make use of their free matched betting offers.

Many football betting sites will offer you something known as a consolation bet, which could see you getting your stake money back from a losing bet if something the bookie predicts will happen during a football match happens.

Those offers can and do tempt plenty of punters to make use of them for what better way to get perceived betting value than having a chance of getting back your stake if a bet you have placed loses.

Just be aware that the devil is always going to be in the small print of such offers, and with that in mind do read through the associated rules of any consolation offer you may be tempted to make use of, for often there is a maximum stake clause that could be set quite low, meaning you will only benefit from a low stake being returned to you from such offers.

Ultimately though, the best bookies sites to sign up to and remain loyal to will be the ones that are always going to do their very best to offer you the highest valued odds.

As for whether you should bother switching your land-based sports betting action into the online gambling environment, well as long as you stick to betting online at fully licensed sites for betting on the football then you should not run into any difficulties at those fully regulated bookies sites.