Football betting tips and strategies

MLS, Fussball Herren, USA regular game between New York Red Bulls and Atlanta United Adidas official ball seen during MLS regular season game between Red Bulls and Atlanta United at Red Bull Arena. Red Bulls won 2 - 1. Harrison New Jersey United States Copyright: LevxRadin

Experienced bettors advise using football betting strategies and systems. Intuition and luck are good, but these factors alone will not get you very far. If you want to win consistently at a bookmaker’s office, it is advisable to learn one of the betting strategies and listen to the advice of experienced bookmakers. Here are some simple tips for successful ace betting and beginner bettors, which nevertheless really help to make winning football bets.

Find the best odds

Professional bettors know that there is a huge difference between 1.9 and 1.95 odds.  Those who decide to make 1-2 bets and leave betting will not bother looking for the best odds, and it is due to them that a player can beat bookmakers.

We recommend having several accounts in different offices, and when choosing an event, monitor all lines to find the best quotes.  Only such a scrupulous approach to the choice of coefficients will help to be in the black at a distance.

Take advantage of matched and arbitrage rates

Arbitrage bets (or “surebets”) in betting call the game on the difference in odds in different bookmakers. Bets are made on mutually exclusive events in a sports match – victories, totals, exact score, etc. The main condition is that the results of a sporting event in a match, on which a bet is made, should be no more than 3.

Different bookmakers put different margins into the odds. It is on the difference between these indicators that a “surebets” is formed. It may be that the bookmaker underestimated the sporting event and set the odds incorrectly – then an experienced bettor gets a chance to take advantage of this mistake.

Arbitrage betting is the most reliable betting strategy of those that provide guaranteed profits. At the same time, no bookmaker’s office approves of “whipsawing”. If you are found out, your account can be blocked and your money frozen.

Arbitrage betting is the most reliable betting strategy of those that provide guaranteed profits. At the same time, no bookmaker’s office approves of “arbers”. If you are found out, your account can be blocked and your money frozen.

Follow the football experts’ predictions

The predictions of experts and other handicappers on football matches are a double-edged sword. If you are new to betting, you should read the opinions of more experienced people. Except that “experience” does not always equal “success”. Many so-called “experts” make their predictions literally on the fly, so the chances of a successful bet will be very slim.

On the other hand, the majority opinion is worth listening to. If 20 people tell you that the 1st team is going to win the match and you were going to bet on the 2nd team, you should either decline the bet altogether, or double-check the odds 100 times before placing the bet.

Start a betting diary

A diary does not have to be a paper notebook. Many players start blogs on various platforms and forums where they post not only their bets but also certain thoughts.

In the diary you can keep a record of your bets made (especially useful if you bet in several betting shops at the same time), state your financial goals, formulate your thoughts on football betting strategies, etc.

Keeping a diary also helps you to become more disciplined, which will surely have an effect on the bets themselves. And summarising the results will help you see the wrong moves and draw conclusions accordingly.

Don’t make big bets – make small but steady profits

“Slow and steady wins the race” is exactly what football and sports betting in general is all about. Many bettors (especially beginners) lose their heads in the pursuit of a quick buck and quickly drain their bankroll. But only systematic and calculated forecasting can bring real profit.

It is extremely important to learn how to manage your bank – for this you will find a lot of tips and systems on the Internet.

The most important advice – never play all-in: if you are lucky the first, second time, then on the third time luck will almost certainly turn away from you.

The most common football betting mistakes

No one is safe from mistakes, including bettors who bet on football. You can’t avoid mistakes completely, but by following our tips you can minimize the number of mistakes.

Don’t bet on sports you don’t know about

To win regularly at the bookmaker, you need to be very knowledgeable about football or another chosen sport. If your speciality is tennis or hockey, don’t succumb to your emotions at a Champions League or World Cup final.

Of course, you can afford to place a small bet to maintain your interest. However, betting a large part of your bankroll on a sport that you do not understand should not be allowed.

It is even sillier to bet on an unfamiliar sport based on statistics alone. Blind faith in static patterns will quickly drain the bank, because even if a team is on a winning streak, it will come to an end sooner or later. It is very likely that this will happen in the match you are betting on.

Even more stupid is to bet on an unfamiliar sport, relying only on statistics. Blind faith in static patterns will quickly empty the bank, because even if the team is on a winning streak, it will end sooner or later. It is likely that this will happen exactly in the match you bet on.

Don’t ignore team form and player injuries

When choosing the outcome of a football match, you need to analyze a number of factors that can affect the outcome. The form of the teams and the state of the leading players are among the main parameters in the analysis, along with the statistics and psychological state of the opponents.

Yes, team A may be historically bad against team B. But if A are in brilliant form at this particular point in the season and B are the underdogs, it’s worth considering the outcome of the game.

The same goes for injuries to leading players. The “A” team may be in good form, but if their top scorer and main goalkeeper are out of action before the game, the chances of success will fall dramatically.

Don’t use your bankroll chaotically

Betting is best viewed as an investment in which proper management is essential. To do so, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with financial management strategies and choose a suitable one.

Don’t rush , don’t go all-in at the first setback – these are the easiest bank management tips you can give a beginner bettor. Allocate your budget so that 1 or 2 losing bets will not be a disaster.

Don’t bet on your favourite team

If you are a fan of any team, you should immediately forget about betting on matches with its participation. Know how to share the pleasure of supporting your favorite club and betting at a bookmaker. Only thoughtful analysis and cold calculation will help you to be in the black when betting on football. If emotions and sympathies are included in the case, then the case actually becomes disastrous. Remember that emotions are the main enemy of the bettor, whatever they may be: even positive, even negative.