The current top three managers in Europe

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We have seen some great football in the past weeks from our favourite teams and the opponents. Players like Salah, Benzema, Lewandowski and Haaland are on top forms with a bunch of goals. The return of Van Dijk strengthened Liverpool’s defence, Napoli having an unbeaten run in Serie, both the Milan teams in the top four of the league and Juventus not in the top four. The list of dramatic events goes on, and we will see more in the coming game weeks. Arsenal betting will have high odds if Arteta can continue the winning run with Arsenal.

Now let’s see who are the best three managers in Europe right now while considering both the league and the Champions League.

  • Julian Nagelsmann

Julian Nagelsmann is the first manager on my list. The 34-year-old young manager is doing a very appreciable job with Bayern Munich this season. In his first season itself, he has shown what he is capable of in terms of managing. He has already proved as a tactician with RB Leipzig within two years. After appointing him as the coach in 2109, RB Leipzig started to play high pressing football. Many pundits had doubts about how the young man will survive in the football world. But he silenced everyone by qualifying RB Leipzig for the Champions League semifinal.

When Hansi Flick decided to leave Bayern, the first option of the management was Nagelsmann. They knew about his potential and how he could lead the prestigious club. He is the upgraded version of Hansi Flick. Under him, Bayern has scored three or more than three goals in more than ten matches. An example of the attacking threat of Bayern Munich.

  • Jurgen Klopp

Klopp deserves to be in the top three this season. The performance of his team is entertaining, and they play like some fierce warriors. He has injected a booster in the group to keep the momentum throughout the game. Liverpool is still unbeaten in the league and the Champions League. The team had come a long way from the disappointing season last year. Many football pundits and fans raised issues with Klopp on his gameplay in the previous season. But Klopp silenced the haters with a banging come back in the league and UCL.

  • Pep Guardiola

Pep is my third selection as the best manager. As usual, Pep is giving out a masterclass performance from Manchester City. He stumbled a little bit on the first match against Tottenham. But then he started to take the team back the winning ways, just like the Premier League title-winning last season. 

All three managers have great performances with their team in both the competitions. They will be mainly aiming at the title in their respective leagues.