Bayern Munich: The Unstoppables

Bayern Munich - The attacking potential of the Goretzka/Kimmich pivot - tactical analysis - tactics

The last two matches of Bayern Munich was a treat for the fans. They dominate the game for 90 minutes without losing their momentum. But the interesting factor that we saw in the last two games is that they wrap up the game within minutes. The Bavarians thrash their opponents by scoring four or five goals within ten or twelve minutes. It’s something that the opponents never expect. We see this trend from Bayern in the last two matches.
There is no specific time for the mighty Bavarians where they score all the goals. Sometimes it can be in the first half or the second half. But they need around fifteen minutes to finish the game and it also wraps up the Bayern Munich betting.

In the league match Bayer Leverkusen, we witnessed Bayern scoring five goals. Bayern came into the game after a shocking defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt for two goals. Bayern needed to shred away that loss with a mighty win and did exactly like that. They started scoring in the third minute with a goal from Lewandowski. Then the game was calm, with both teams not having many chances. But after completing half an hour into the game, they shifted the gear. We saw Bayern scoring four goals within seven minutes. Lewandowski scored his second goal of the game in the 30th minute.

The following seven minutes was a nightmare for Leverkusen. Thomas Muller scored their 3rd in the 34th minute, and just after that goal, when the opponents were trying to recover, Bayern struck again. A goal from Serge Gnabry wrapped up the match. But they had no plan to stop. In the 37th minute, they scored the fifth goal of the game. It was also by Serge Gnabry. They celebrated the Oktoberfest in the very best way.

Against Benefica in the Champions League match, the same happened. But Bayern executed the plan differently. Bayern was on top form this season in the UCL when coming to that game. They scored a total of 8 goals against Barcelona and Kyiv. But in the match, we saw Benefica making things difficult for Bayern. The fans were expecting some goals. But in the first half, it did not happen. Barca also wanted Bayern to win as it would affect their chances of progressing.

Bayern was finding it challenging to find goals. But at last, in the 70th minute, Leroy Sane broke the deadlock, which boosted them. In the 80th minute, they got the second. Then within four minutes, they scored two more goals and wrapped up the game. It all happened within fourteen minutes. Even Benefica wouldn’t have understood what happened from the 70th minute onwards.

We will probably see these new tactics from Bayern in the upcoming games too. Killing off the game within minutes.