MLS to Europe

MLS 2020: LAFC vs Portland Timbers – Tactical Analysis tactics
Portland sent more players into attack as they push for a goal.

Major League Soccer is always an attraction for the players on the ending stage of their peak football career. They feel that MLS is the best option to have for the remaining years of their football career. It is a perfect destination where they can enjoy football and have around the same salary that they got from the European clubs. We saw Beckham, Zlatan, Higuain, Nani all going to the US. The case of Zlatan Ibrahimovich is a bit different as he returned to Europe to play for AC Milan. Inter Milan betting would have been better if Zlatan chose the rival club instead of AC Milan.

We should also look at the players that come from MLS to play in Europe. A few years back, we wouldn’t have thought about a player from the USA playing football in the top European clubs. Now the situation has changed, and MLS is a central scouting area for many European clubs. They have found out that there are many new emerging talents from North America in football. If we look at the squad of USA, it will give us a pretty clear idea of how talented is the US soil is. The rise of many youngsters will flourish MLS betting.

Now let’s see two players who came from the MLS to shine in Europe.

  • Alphonso Davies

The Canadian’s name will be the first one that comes to everyone’s mind when we discuss the MLS players. He is one of the best left-backs in the world right now, and he is also one of the best talented players who has played in Major League Soccer. He was a player of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC. He holds a unique record in MLS. Davies is the first player who was born in the 21st century to play in the league. In 2019, the German club Bayern Munich signed him, where he introduced himself with his sprinting and dribbling. He is called the ‘Road-Runner’ due to his pace. He is one of the fastest footballers in the world.

  • Jack Harrison

The Leeds United winger was born in England, but the family moved to Massachusetts when he was 14. Before that, he was in the Liverpool academy and the Manchester United academy. He quickly attracted the MLS clubs with his game, and in 2016, he was the no.1 pick in the MLS Superdraft. He was transferred from New York to Manchester in 2018. New York City was the partner club of Manchester City under the City Football Group. City loaned him to Leeds United, where he had an outstanding season. He played with Leeds as a loan player for three seasons. At the beginning of this season, Leeds bought him permanently.