Let Argentina Dream Again

U23 Argentina 2020: Pre-Olympic Tournament - scout report - tactical analysis tactics
Credit - Wyscout

After winning the Copa America in July, the Argentina men’s football team looks extra motivated. It’s not an exaggeration on them. They are a team that Argentina has not seen in the past. They have a group of players who can be called a complete team, which looks dangerous. Football betting on Argentina in the 2022 World Cup is a sensible decision.

Lionel Scaloni has made a perfect football team within three years. After the team’s pathetic performance in the 2018 World Cup, he was appointed as the team’s permanent manager. His main challenge during that time was to set a team with youngsters and take the ageing players out of the group. He knew that it was difficult to make a change within days. What he requested to the fans and players was to trust him and give him some time. In the 2019 Copa America, he showed some slight signs of the changes that he was making in the team. Argentina finished third in the tournament that year. But the gameplay of the team was completely changed.

The fans saw a new positive attacking football from the group. An attacking game where they try not to depend on Messi every moment. They wanted to play like a team and not put all the pressure on the captain’s shoulders. This approach helped both sides. Messi was able to play more freely, and the team was able to sync up very soon.

Scaloni tried to give chances to many young players in all positions. He wanted to make a perfect XI with high-quality players in every position. Copa America was postponed to 2021, which gave him some more time to plan for the tournament. By 2021, he came up with a team that had almost all the best players in every position.

The 2021 Copa America showed the world a different Argentina. It was not the same old team that participated in the 2018 World Cup. This team looked robust, motivated and dangerous. The performance was improving as the tournament progressed. When they reached the final, many football fans doubted that this team could not beat mighty Brazil. But they won it as a team. An international trophy for Argentina after 32 long years. It was after a long time the fans seeing Argentina playing as a team. In the past, it was just a broken team without any consistency.

As the team prepares for the World Cup, the fans have started to dream of winning a World Cup. Looking at the depth and quality of the squad, we cannot blame the fans. This team is capable of winning a World Cup. Uber Scaloni, this team can create history, and that will be the perfect tribute to their God, ‘Diego Maradona’.