Moukoko – He’s just 16!

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Borrusia Dortmund always has a young talent in their pocket to talk about and sometimes also to boast. The young talents in their pocket always move away from their club when they realise that they can have a more significant challenge in a bigger club. The majority of the time, this is what happens with the players and the club. Right now, Dortmund has a prodigious talent with them. But he is just a boy who is sixteen years old. Borussia Dortmund betting has high odds when the youngster is in the playing XI. Because Dortmund’s youngsters never disappoint.

Youssoufa Moukoko – A German footballer who was born in 2004. His goal scoring abilities were far better than any other kid, even before ten years old. This unique ability made him play with boys who were five or six years older than him. He reached the academy of Dortmund at the age of 13. So, he used to play for the under-17 team. He was the only one in the group with that age.

Age doesn’t matter if you can show what you are capable of. This was just the case with Moukoko. At the age of 14, he was promoted to the under-19 team. From there onwards, he started breaking records one by one. In his first match, he scored six goals with ease. In the UEFA Youth League, he became the youngest player to be featured in the tournament. In another game, he scored a goal and became the youngest player to score a goal in the Youth League. He was just lethal in front of the goal, which helped him score as many as he wanted. He scored 141 goals in just 88 matches. Unreal!

He again continued to break several records when he was called to the first team. He debuted in the match at the age of 16 as a substitute and became the youngest player to play in the Bundesliga. Another milestone. He also became the youngest more paly to feature in the UEFA Champions League. In the Bundesliga, he scored a goal against Union Berlin and thus becoming the youngest ever player to score in the Bundesliga. Even Haaland has admitted that he has not seen such a good player at the age of 16.

Moukoko has an innate ability to score goals. The maturity that he shows at the age of 16 is mindblowing. But now some problems create serious issues. He used to get racially abused and also some questions about his actual age. Such things will always affect a player, and here in the case of Moukoko, the coaches should care for him more as he is at his tender age.