The two crucial months for Arsenal

Premier League 2020/21: Liverpool v Arsenal – Tactical analysis tactics

Arsenal FC is on an unbeaten streak from September after the three consecutive losses in August, which dropped them to the relegation zone. But in September, we saw a resurging Arsenal with three wins and a draw in October against Brighton. The team conceded nine goals in August and scored none. In September and at the start of this month, they have scored five goals and conceded just two goals from four matches. Some impressive stats for a team that was in the relegation zone one and a half months before. Arsenal betting will be rated high if the team continues this fine run.

The four unbeaten games helped the gunners to climb a long way to the top, far from the relegation battle. The performances in September helped Mikel Arteta to win the Barclays Manager of the Month award. Some recognition after all those criticisms in the starting. Arteta came back from the verge of sacking to win this award. It just makes the moment brighter.

The target of Arteta and the squad for the next two months should be to enter the top 10 with a comfortable lead. It is two crucial months ahead of Arteta. The international break always breaks the rhythm of a team. If that team is on a good run, it’s more challenging to maintain it after a long break. Arteta should keep his composure to hold the group as it was before the international break.

The first match after the break will be against Crystal Palace. They had some good games under their new manager Patrick Viera, who is an Arsenal Legend. His return to the Emirates Stadium will be emotional and lovely for him and the fans. But Viera will not show any love for his beloved team as he is on the opposite side. If Arsenal can grab three points, it will take them to the top 10. A win against Palace will be vital as they face Astonvilla in the next match. If they can remain unbeaten, it will keep the chances high for Arsenal to be in the top 10.

The performances in October will give a strong foundation for the Gunners when they enter the crucial month. They face Liverpool in November. It will be a vital match for both teams as they need all three points. The Reds need to beat Arsenal to fight for the title. Even a draw will be an advantage for Arsenal.

If they can upset some teams in November, Arsenal can confidently enter December, facing Manchester United first. Beating United would be a great start.

There are 13 league matches in total for Arsenal in these two months. If they can ideally grab around 20-25 points, they will undoubtedly be in the top 10 before entering 2022.