The resurgence of Memphis Depay

Euro 2020 Qualifiers: Belarus vs Netherlands – tactical analysis tactics
Bergwijn's prominence in central half-spaces.

After the bashing win against Gibraltar in the World Cup Qualifiers, the manager and the players praised the quality Memphis possess in the team. The performance of Memphis makes the game easier for his teammates. Wijnaldum openly admitted that the team is doing well because of him. The stats, too, tell us how vital he is to this Netherlands. In the World Cup qualifiers, he has scored eight goals and has assisted six goals. He is on the top on both the stats. Also, he has 49 goals plus assists in total this year. He is in fine form this season. He is the crucial player for both the Dutch and FC Barcelona. Memphis and Netherlands is a good combination where we can have our football betting.

Right now, he is having a great time under Van Gaal. But in the past, he had some dark time under Van Gall after signing for Manchester United in 2015 for around 25 million pounds. Van Gaal specially requested this transfer to happen. He was getting attention from many top clubs after his firing performance at PSV Eindhoven. But things were not as good as it was for Memphis at Old Trafford. The liking of Van Gaal was over after a few matches, and the stubbornness of the manager affected him. The situation worsened when the manager came out openly to blame him for his lifestyle and said it affected his poor performance. Slowly the problems started fuming, and he was dropped to the bench. He tried to adapt to the team, but Van Gaal left the club later at the end of the season. It was a significant setback for him as a player. In the following season, Jose Mourinho took over the team. Memphis was still trying to adapt to the team. But nothing good happened for him. Mourinho outcasted him from his plans and did not even give him a single chance to prove.

So, in January 2017, he decided to leave United after all the inequality he faced in the club. He chose Lyon as his next destination. The resurgence of Memphis started from that period onwards. Lyon was heaven for him. He thrived very well with a free role and helped the team qualify for the Champions League.

This season he moved to Barcelona on a free transfer. A move that he had been dreaming of since his childhood. A young boy who idolised the Barca legend Patrick Kluivert in his younger days didn’t have to think much about choosing Barca.

Football saved Memphis from his crooked childhood. He knew that there would be good days and bad days during his life at United. He just worked hard and fought back. It helped him to rebound back to the top.