Why do People Love Betting on The Champions League

UEFA Champions League 2020/21: Inter Milan vs Real Madrid – tactical analysis

Most football enthusiasts dream of playing in the world’s biggest club football competition, the Champions League. Competing against the best footballers on the planet, playing in some of the most incredible stadiums against some of the biggest teams is something that most of us can only imagine. 

If you are lucky enough to support a side that is involved in the competition, then you understand the pressure and excitement when the midweek games take place. Even if you don’t follow a team that is included in the Champions League, watching these games unfold is often an incredible spectacle that some people compare to playing online slots or poker. To make it even more exciting, people all over the globe like to gamble on the games. With plenty of online casinos and traditional bookmakers providing odds on each match, it’s no wonder so many people get involved. 

Betting on the Champions League can Help Break up the Week

Most of us can’t wait for the weekend to begin, especially football fans. Football supporters like to attend games or watch them on television on both Saturdays and Sundays. Although most teams have to play some of their fixtures midweek, it’s not as many as teams involved in the Champions League. Plenty of die-hard football fanatics are desperate to watch games, so having two top teams going head to head midweek can give them something to look forward to once the weekend is over. 

Although most people prefer to bet on the weekend, many make an exception when gambling on one of Europe’s top teams during the week. If you work a stressful job Monday to Friday, gambling on a game in Europe can be a welcomed distraction. It can give you extra motivation in the workplace. 

You get to Watch the Best Footballers Play

Most of the best footballers around play in different domestic leagues throughout Europe. Lionel Messi plays in the Spanish league for Barcelona, Lewandowski plays for Bayern Munich in the German League, Christino Ronaldo plays for Juventus in the Italian league and Bruno Fernandez plays for English giants Manchester United in the Premier League. Finding the time to watch these incredible athletes week in week out is very difficult. The majority of fans keep an eye on the domestic league they like the most, instead of each one.

The Champions League attracts the best teams in Europe, so it gives a chance to those who have little interest in other domestic competitions to watch some of the greatest players on the planet. 

If you don’t follow a domestic league closely, it’s hard to predict a successful outcome. Watching the Champions League closely gives you the opportunity to watch teams that you might not regularly see playing football. This will help improve your chances when gambling on them the next time round. 

Betting on the Knock-out stage

Apart from the final, the most exciting time to bet on the Champions League is at the knock-out stages. Both teams have to play a game in each other’s ground and both final scores will be added together to see who progresses. After 90 minutes is played in both stadiums and it is still a draw, the referee will add another 30 minutes of extra time. If both teams remain tied, a penalty shootout will take place to see who moves on to the next game and which team will be eliminated. 

Gambling on the knockout stages can get the heart racing, especially if you have placed a bet on a team and it goes into a penalty shootout. Anything can happen when it comes to penalties, so “touch wood” and hope for the best! 

Betting on the Underdog

Although the biggest clubs in the world make it into the Champions League, smaller clubs can qualify too. When these teams progress into the competition, their fans go wild. During Champions League fixtures, supporters often make as much noise as possible to add to the atmosphere. However, when smaller teams, especially sides that very few would have predicted would have made it to the competition, the atmosphere is often electric. 

On paper, most bigger teams should wipe the floor with these smaller sides, however, due to the signing and shouting from their home supporters, they can make the fixture a lot more difficult. Even the best players struggle at times when their opponents’ supporters are putting them under pressure. Players are more likely to make mistakes under these conditions, often giving the underdog an advantage. 

The odds bookies give on the underdog are often very good. Although it is unlikely the bet will succeed, you won’t have to place a large bet to generate a handsome profit. Some people who win bets like to boast to their friends about their winnings. For those people, there is nothing better than showing off a winning bet slip with the underdog’s name on it, after all its the same as winning a casino bonus and cashing out.

Champions League games go Down in History

Every football fan around the world has certain memories of the Champions League they will never forget. Nowadays, it seems if a footballer wants to become a household name they have to win the Champions League at least once. In the past domestic cup competitions were much stronger, however, due to the lucrative television deals UEFA has signed, the organization who runs the competition, big clubs focus on The Champions League instead.

Competitions that were big before, such as the FA Cup in England are not as popular as they once were. Nowadays, all eyes are on Europe’s main competition. It is estimated over 180 million people tune in to watch the Champions League final each year. This is a place where legends are made. For years, people remember where they were when these games took place. 

Although betting on the outcome of each game is fun, there are plenty of other betting options available. Lots of people like to bet on who the competition’s top goal scorer will be, who will get the most assists and you will get booked the most. If you have a player that you think will be the competition’s stand-out player, you might consider placing a bet on him to add to the excitement.