Weird: German hairdressers have a go at Bundesliga players for having haircuts

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In news that perhaps would not have been expected or is a tad weird, hairdressers around Germany have taken aim against footballers in the Bundesliga who have been playing with fresh new haircuts.

The German Hairdresser Association, via ESPN, have written to the German Football Association, who are otherwise known as the DFB, for an explanation as to why footballers within the countries top-flight have been able to sport a new haircut.

Barbers and hair salons have had to close all over Germany because of the latest restrictions imposed upon the country, thus leaving many unable to carry on with their living. Many may have turned to betting with providers like to try and supplement their earnings.

They have written to the DFB and have asked for them to “show solidarity in times like these and set an example against undeclared work.”

Writing in an open letter, the association revealed their amazement that there have been many able to get what have been described as “professional haircuts that can only be achieved with professional equipment”. Indeed, if a haircut was done by a spouse or a family member without any training, then it would be rather noticeable, one would have to think.

“It is with great amazement we noticed that over the last match days of Bundesliga a vast majority of the professional footballers took to the pitch with new haircuts.”

They also argued that the TV pictures that were being broadcast to viewers around the country were far from helpful and made it difficult for those that desire a haircut, as they could be tempted to break the strict rules imposed.

“Freshly cut football stars put an entire branch under pressure,” the statement added. “Many hairdressers are threatened in their existence.

“The discontent with the top styled football pros is growing. They lead to customers calling and asking for work on the side and breaches of the corona regulations like visits at home.”

Indeed, it might be one of the strangest stories to have emerged from the Bundesliga, and certainly one we did not think we would read about at any point.

However, that said, it is a year that is far from normal and perhaps it is time to expect the unexpected. Nonetheless, if the haircuts that players are receiving can mean that are able to continue to perform without having to worry if there is a strand out of place, then we are all for it.