Nike and Adidas dominate kit suppliers in Europe’s biggest leagues

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Branding can be huge in every walk of life, however there is an argument that it is no-so more important than in the world of football.

With the sport being a truly global phenomenon and one that continues to grow in regards to viewership with each year or season that passes, many companies around the world have tried to take advantage of the eyes all on the game as it provides them with huge business potential.

Indeed, shirt sponsorships are perhaps one of the biggest earners for some companies, with a number of bookmakers like sbobet found on the front of the shirt, therefore being seen by a number of fans.

However, kit manufacturers are also an industry that can benefit by producing certain kits for clubs, as many will look to buy their products if their team is associated with them or if they feel the shirt, for example, has been designed in such a way that they have never been able to experience with previous sportswear manufacturers.

There are a number of different manufacturers within the football world at the moment, however it seems that Nike and Adidas have a large percentage of the market when taking a look at the top four leagues in European football – Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga.

Off The Pitch complied some data into an article and managed to find that both Nike and Adidas both had 15 clubs each in the top four leagues across the continent – nearly 40% of all clubs involved – with Macron and Puma both the next brands in the list with nine each.

Although it might just have been a coincidence, there appeared to be some country-bias in Italy in regards to who manufactured their kits with both Kappa and Macron both preferred, although the Bundesliga was mostly made up of Nike, rather than Adidas or Puma. Fortunately, bettors can choose freely who they use, with places like gclub open to many across the world.

Here is the breakdown of the 2020/21 season in regards to manufacturers:

Premier League – seven clubs with Adidas, four with Nike, four with Puma, two with Umbro, one with Kappa, one with Under Armour and one with Hummel.

La Liga – five with Adidas, four with Nike, three with Joma, two with Kelme, two with Macron, one with Puma, one with New Balance, one with Kappa and one with Hummel.

Bundesliga – five with Nike, three with Umbro, two with Adidas, two with Puma, one with Jako, one with Macron, one with Uhlsport, one with Kappa, one with Joma and one with Hummel.

Serie A – six with Macron, four with Kappa, two with Nike, two with Puma, two with Joma, one with Adidas, one with Errea, one with Zeus and one with Acerbis.