The Emergence of Casinos as Popular Sponsors of Football

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Football has one of the largest fan bases in sports today, with millions tuning in from all over the globe. With such a broad audience, it offers massive potential for the marketing of other businesses.

We speak to Lucas Goldberg, an expert in the field, to understand just how casinos like Playamo have entered this lucrative market.

The Road to Gambling Sponsorships

Many frowned upon gambling sponsorships in sport in the past. The main reason for this was that people believed it promoted a harmful habit, similar to cigarette branding. However, after an amendment to the gambling act in 2005, online operators could start advertising their products.

Just over ten English Premier League teams now wear gambling shirts, marketing a host of online casinos. You’ll even find bookmakers and software developers sponsoring entire televised leagues in countries like Australia. Although many regions around the world still place some restrictions on this type of marketing.

The influx of new sponsorships for popular football leagues marks an opportunity for others to become noticed. In the competitive world of online casinos, this brand exposure can either make or break a company. *

How do the Football Clubs Benefit?

Football clubs require many different revenue streams to keep up with their responsibilities. If you take a look at football shirt sponsors throughout history, you’ll notice an increase in branding.

Although gambling sites don’t provide as much value as other large sponsorships, casinos still pay clubs millions to market their platform. These investments go towards funding youth teams, club initiatives, and paying the salaries of players.

Clubs also need to maintain their stadiums, training grounds, and support staff. It’s no secret that wealthier teams enjoy more success than others, especially when putting a top-notch squad together.

Teams like Manchester City suddenly burst into the limelight after sizable cash injections. The ability to nurture and improve their players’ caliber has led to massive success both locally and internationally.

Championship shirt sponsorship deals aren’t just about pulling in as much money as possible. Teams must also take into consideration their reputation amongst fans and other investors.

Signing a deal with a controversial brand could cause immeasurable damage to the club’s name. This has a ripple effect as players and fans would rather jump ship instead of sticking with a team seen in a poor light. *

What’s in it for the Casinos?

Gambling sponsorships in sport have allowed online casinos to get closer to their consumers. It’s also helped online casinos create a greater acceptance of gambling, and even legalizing it in many countries.

The ability to play your favorite slot game or stake money on a sporting event is now easier than ever. You can access these online platforms on any web-enabled device and participate no matter where you are in the world.

As more gambling companies pop out of the woodwork, there’s an increased demand to raise a companies brand awareness. Entering into a partnership with a football team allows a company to do just that.

One of the biggest draws for a gambling company to sponsor a football team is how much legitimacy it creates. It’s no secret that you can find more than your fair share of dodgy platforms. Seeing a brand plastered on your screen and emblazoned on your favorite team’s jerseys gives the company credibility.

The most common form of advertising is the branding of a club’s shirt. This is when a club agrees to have the company logo placed somewhere on a player’s jersey. The deal’s value depends on where the advert sits on a shirt and how large it is.

For example, West Ham’s main sponsor pays C$17 million to display its brand on the front of the players’ shirts.

Another form of marketing is when the casino has its name and slogan written on banners in the stadium. Both forms of advertising acquire massive amounts of attention. The more exposure it gets, the more people will visit the site.

Some countries try to regulate the screen time of certain products, especially gambling brands. Broadcasting companies do this by limiting the time certain adverts get shown. Many casinos now try to use positive messages to counter these negative opinions. Only time will tell if this initiative is effective or not. *


Even though many accept this form of advertising, many still wonder whether it gives off the right message. For now, both football teams and gambling companies reap the benefits of this lucrative marketing opportunity.