The five best football clubs that lottery winners can buy

STOKE ON TRENT, ENGLAND - MARCH 20: General view of the Vale Park, home of Port Vale on March 20, 2020 in Stoke on Trent, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

The lottery is a craze on its own in the UK. It is largely down to luck or fortune, but it offers the winner a big chance to invest in something that is close to their heart.

For those that have football as close to their heart as the lottery, there is always a thought of buying clubs. While it is never the safest bet out there, but it is a unique feeling in itself to buy a football club or at least invest in it.

Many lottery winners in the past have won the lottery and have gone onto buy football clubs. We look at some of the best clubs that lottery winners can buy.

Accrington Stanley

Currently in League One, Stanley aren’t the most glamorous club out there. Before taking over the club, current owner Andy Holt had turned down the chance to invest in the club eight times. But he gave in when things were beginning to go downhill for the then League Two club.

As per Transfermarkt, Stanley’s current value stands at £2.09 million. They happen to be a yo-yo club that have constantly gone from League Two to League One and vice-versa. Considering their ownership in the recent past, their value is a rather uncertain one. They earned promotion to League One only in 2019 and plied their trade in League Two for 12 years in a row.

Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers are one of the most lesser-known clubs in the English club football circuit. A lot of that is down to them getting promoted as recently as 2017 and it was their first entry into the Football League. At this point, they are in League Two and have pretty much become regulars in that division.

Their current owner Dale Vince took over the club when they were struggling financially. They are valued at only £3.02 million. That could be even lesser because of the pandemic and the recent situation suggests that the future might be bright.

Torquay United

Torquay have previously been subject to ownership from lottery winners. It happened at the end of the 2006-07 season when they were in a dire crisis. Paul Bristow took ownership in 2007 and this saw the club go back into the Football league. Today, they find themselves in the Conference Division and are in the fifth tier of English football.

The club’s current value of £878k is affordable for a lottery winner and a lot of it can be down to their position in the conference division. Their past makes them a team that can go up to the Football League once again and there is certainly potential for future profits.

Port Vale

Port Vale are one of the clubs with the least amount of value in the English football structure. They recently faced Manchester City in the FA Cup and it shows that despite a low value, they aren’t doing too badly at all. Currently in League Two, the Stoke-based club are a yo-yo club and keep going up and down the divisions on a regular basis.

Currently valued at only £2.07m million, Port Vale have been in the division for three years now and are at eighth in the League Two table currently. It shows that there is some stability at the club in recent years and in modern times. It also offers a rather lucrative chance to make a profit from a potential promotion to League One. Their history suggests that they can certainly do that, as they have spent 11 years of the 21st century in League One.

The club changed ownership not long ago, but it happened when their financial situation was floundering. And they present a very lucrative chance of buying a football club and there’s a chance of future rewards too.


Southport have had ownership changes in recent years. The most recent one happened in 2019 itself. Local accountant and supporter James Treadwell took over the club in the summer of 2017, but he Phil Hodgkinson formed a majority of their boardroom soon. More recently in 2019 the club underwent major changes in the management in the boardroom and in ownership. This makes them a rather likely club to undergo another change of ownership at some point.

Southport currently find themselves in the sixth division of English football- Conference North, but they’ve been a bit of a yo-yo club in the non-leagues. They are valued at about £698k and are one of the cheapest clubs in the English football circuit. They have been in the fifth division and have often come close to promotion to League One. Because of their cheap value, Southport are a very easy club to buy.