Harry Maguire has a mountain to climb

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Harry Maguire is one of the most promising talents in the Premier League circuit at present. He made his presence felt during his time with Leicester City. Even the finest forwards in world football have found it hard to go past Harry Maguire. Well, he is not invisible, but he is someone that has the ability to make his presence felt in the long run. 

After enjoying a couple of decent seasons with Leicester City FC, some of the biggest clubs in the Premier League circuit were seen chasing Maguire in order to avail his services for the 2019-20 season. Ultimately, Manchester United, popularly known as the Red Devils, ended up acquiring the Englishman’s services for nearly US$ 100 million, making him the most expensive defender in the history of the Premier League. 

Since being roped in by Manchester United, many are comparing him with Liverpool’s Virgil Van Dijk. There are some who believe that Maguire is Manchester United’s answer to Virgil Van Dijk signing. Just like Van Dijk, Maguire too is a promising prospect, but unlike Van Dijk, he’s yet to prove himself on football’s biggest stage. If you want to see him in action this September, then get your tickets booked using Tic Flip.

The challenges that await Harry Maguire 

Not getting overwhelmed because of an incredibly high price tag

This is the most important thing that needs to be taken care of. At times, promising players tend to get bogged down because of the million-dollar price tag accompanying them. Alexis Sanchez, the star striker from Columbia, was one of United’s million-dollar signings last season. Despite being one of the finest strikers in the world at present, he could not deliver the goods. Manchester United cannot allow Maguire to become the next Sanchez. In order to avoid such a situation, the team management needs to provide him with the liberty to go out there and express himself. 

Keep comparisons with Van Dijk at bay

Virgil Van Dijk has become a household name since joining Liverpool. His exceptional on-field exploits during the 2018-19 season of the Premier League coincided with Liverpool’s strong on field show. The lads from Anfield ended up winning the UEFA Champions League. Also, they finished second in the Premier League. Just one point differentiated Liverpool, the runners up from Manchester City, the eventual champions. 

In order to succeed, Maguire needs to stop thinking about comparisons with Van Dijk. Instead, he should go out there and express himself. The best way of silencing all of your critics is delivering the goods on the field. 

Play your natural game

More often than not, big clubs make promising talents warm the benches during the initial part of the season. Last year, Manchester United failed to get the most out of a player of Alexis Sanchez’s stature. Throughout the 2018-2019 season, he was seen warming the benches. He was sent on to the field during the dying moments of the game.  Consequently, he couldn’t make his presence felt. 

If Manchester United want Maguire to succeed, then they will have to provide him with an opportunity to play his natural game. You cannot get the best out of a player by clipping his feathers

So, a brand new season of the Premier League has started. Some of the finest football clubs in the history of the game would be seen battling it out with one another in order to regain lost supremacy. If you happen to be a die-hard fan of Manchester United, then it is time to cheer for your favourite football stars.

It’s time to join the action…