Guardiola assures that Manchester City has the aspiration to keep the title


Pep Guardiola has said that the victory of Manchester City at Everton by 2-0 has proved that they are strong-minded to win their title combat against Liverpool as they return to the top of the list on Wednesday.

It was not close to the inspired performance by Manchester City at Goodison Park. However, the goals from Gabriel Jesus and Aymeric Laporte have made sure that they defeat Liverpool and take them out from the pole position in regards to the goal difference.

Liverpool has been occupying the first place from the 8th of December. However, now the pressure falls on the side of Jurgen Klopp only 5 weeks after it was possible to move 10 points clear of Manchester City.

Liverpool is showing nerves after they got 2 successive draws have spoilt their chance for the 1st title of English since the year 1990; Manchester City used the fixture in their favour that had been brought forward because of the final date of the League Cup with Chelsea in the latter half of the month.

It had been an important victory and Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City claimed that his players do not have any intention of allowing Liverpool to be off the hook. He said that they come from the Champions and the team is in such a situation where they might have given up but this did not happen.

Guardiola goes on to say that they have a great game against Liverpool and the players have shown amazing performance and desires for the last 2 years and there is no way that he can question them. They have played one more game, but this is the best that is possible for them. The truth is that one month ago, they had the opportunity to be ten points behind when they played against Liverpool. A few days back they might have been 7 points behind. As they are now are at the top of the league the best advice is never to give up. is where you can take part in sports betting and claim Bonus bets and free bets. The betting site goes through every detail of the game. It can be said that they breathe and live the game. They search the internet every day to look for best bookie offers and free bets. On this site, you will find the best free bet promotions and bonus which will provide you some good value.

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