Pep Guardiola goes peak Rick Astley with cries of “never gonna give you up” as City top Premier League once again


Dear reader, the Premier League pendulum has swung once more. Manchester City have reclaimed top spot and Liverpool have found a way to go from being potentially ten points clear had they beaten Leicester a couple of weeks ago to being in second spot. It’s time for me to delve into yesterday’s funny football news.

In cricket, there is such a thing as ‘scoreboard pressure’ where a seemingly small total becomes quite hard to chase down because of the pressure. Liverpool are suffering from their own version right now and who knows what the mental impact of what their gap could have been to what it is now might have on the squad.

Man City eased past Everton as expected and now lead the Premier League on goal difference. Sure, they’ve played one game more but the mere fact they have chased Kloppo’s team down will have an impact. As Pep said, it’s a case of ‘never give up’ but you can only assume that there will be more twists and turns before the season is out.

City play Chelsea at the weekend having lost to Maurizio Sarri’s side earlier in the season. Anything could happen yet.

Brighton won their FA Cup replay against West Bromwich Albion and the WBA fans showed their class and intelligence by abusing Brighton player Gaeten Bong every time he touched the ball. Brighton will now play Frank Lampard’s Derby County – Derby, of course, continuing to carry their new official club name – Frank Lampard’s Derby County.

There was more stupidity at the weekend as police are investigating Islamaphobic abuse towards Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah from West Ham fans. The bit I don’t get is, if he was playing for you you’d love him. So are you actually racist or are you just a complete idiot who thinks that’s the way to get under the opposition’s best player’s skin? Either way, stop. Just have a go at him for falling over a lot and leave it there and then remember that a lot of white English born players, some of which might have played for your beloved club, have taken a tumble once in a while too.

Chelsea fans are never too far away from controversy this season and they’ve sunk to a new low now. One of their fans is getting done for lobbing a pie on to the pitch whilst the team were getting done over by Bournemouth.

Now, there are levels and there are levels. And on the scale of things that need to be kicked out of football grounds this season, I am not sure throwing a pie at a team getting smashed 4-0 at Bournemouth is top of the list.

Unless, of course, it had liver in it.

Some transfer news for you all.

Real Madrid have been scouring the earth to find the next unpolished diamond of a player hiding in the far corners of the world. And they think they’ve found one, folks. His name is Marcus Rashford, a young boy of a striker who plays for minnows Manchester United in an English league. You have to give credit to the Madrid scouts, they’ve done well to spot this one.

Eden Hazard is far more likely to make the move to the Spanish capital in the summer and that surely means Callum Hudson-Odoi will see the space in the team available and decide to stay, no? NO! Hudson-Odoi is clearly sharper than the average young footballer because he doesn’t trust Chelsea for a single minute. He knows they won’t put him in that space and that they are far more likely to go and buy Eden’s brother, Thorgen, instead. Hudson-Odoi still wants to move to Bayern Munich and who can blame him?