Argentina national team on the eve of the World Cup: the team is ready to fight for the title

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For Lionel Messi, the upcoming World Cup is the last chance to fulfill his cherished dream and win the highest title in the national team. Today, the “white-blue” occupy the third line in the world rankings, thus confirming their championship ambitions.

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Lewandowski vs Messi

“White-blue” got into group C – one of the most mysterious at this World Cup. Here, each team can surprise, just like fail. Of course, experts give preference to the Argentina national team and predict that they will reach the playoffs from the first place. Mexicans and Poles claim the second place, both of these teams can bring trouble to the Argentines. Group C looks like this:

  • Argentina
  • Poland
  • Mexico
  • Saudi Arabia

The confrontation between two legendary strikers is seen as interesting: the Argentinean Messi and the Pole Lewandowski. For both, due to their age, this is the last chance to loudly declare themselves at the World Championships.

Poland: it’s time to reaffirm ambitions

The Polish national team is one of the strong European middle peasants, capable of fighting on equal terms with any opponent, but the team has not had high-profile victories in recent decades. The last success at world forums should be considered the third place back in 1982. Today, the team occupies the 26th line in the world ranking table, which quite accurately reflects the real balance of power.

However, Robert Lewandowski may not agree with this statement. The legendary striker of Bayern Munich and Barcelona dreams of high-profile victories and is ready to apply maximum strength and talent for this. Forecast: the team will advance to the playoffs from the second place, the chances of winning the championship are minimal: bookmakers offer odds of 1 to 67.

Mexico: odds and predictions

Mexicans are famous for their intransigence, good technique and organization. However, these qualities are unlikely to help the Aztecs achieve significant success in the current World Cup. Already leaving the group will be considered a success. At the same time, the team has a fairly strong squad, many players play in famous European clubs. It will be interesting to follow the game midfielders Hector Herrera, Irving Lozano and Edson Alvarez. Will they be able to lead the Aztecs behind them. Bookmakers do not believe in this possibility too much: the odds for the Mexican championship are 1 to 101.

Saudi Arabia: falcons won’t fly

The Greens have made several World Cup finals but have never advanced from the group. And this time there are no special chances to surprise their fans. The familiar climate plays in favor of the team, but these are all the trump cards of the Falcons. Forecast: fourth place in the group, the chances of winning are minimal: 1 to 501.

Argentina: title shot

Outstanding football players play for the Argentina national team, the team has great potential. With such a selection of performers, any place except the first one will be considered a failure. Fans, experts and national team players speak about it. For national team leaders Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria and Nicolas Otamendi, this is the last chance to win the world title.

Forecast: the team will reach the semi-finals, then everything depends on the circumstances and the character of the players. Believe in the possibility of victory and bookmakers. Today you can bet on the Argentines with a coefficient of 9.5.