I miss the Sunday Sports Section and the Community Sports Section

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Everything changes.  Society in 1776 is not the same as it was in 1865 which is not the same as in 1965 which is not the same as 2022.  In 1965, if I wanted to play some casino games I would have to take a trip to either Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but in 2022, I can just take advantage of a Neosurf voucher and play casino games online.

Even the way we obtain news has changed.  Most of us obtain our news in 2022 through online websites, but there is something missing with the way that we obtain our news.

How do I read the news in 2022?

In 2022, I would read the news by going to a news website and read the news.  The major news websites in 2022 are Fox News, CNN International, ABC Home Page, NBC News, CBS News, and BBC.

For example, when I go onto Fox News, I see 5 major headlines.  Below three of those major headlines, there is the title of one other article.  That is it.  So people have to decide if they do or do not want to read an article based on the title.  The end result is that you sometimes get 3 to 5 articles that are exactly the same topic, but with different titles.

As for the rest of the sections of the News site, there is 1 title per section.

  • Politics
  • US
  • Media
  • Cars and trucks
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Economy
  • Weather
  • Lifestyle
  • Healthcare
  • Opinion

And that is it.

Even if I click on something like “Politics”, there are 3 articles and a bunch of videos.  If I want to watch a video, I will watch TV news.  In the “Media” section, there were again, 3 main articles, but instead of there being a bunch of videos, all of the media links were actual articles.  So the news is video, and video is news?  Okay.  But anyways …

In my view, it is boring, clickbait, and whatever else you want to call it.

Due to instantaneous news cycles, the end articles do not contain much research or thought.  And ever since the FBI raided 50 top Trump supporters within a 24 hour period, Chrome has been actively blocking the commenting sections of a lot of Fox News articles.  The rest of the News media sites do not even allow comments on News articles.

As for Sports, I will admit it.  I am not a big Sports fan, so unless a sports news item hits the “front page”, I no longer see it.  If you tried to even ask me the basic question about American Football, I would not be able to tell you.  And when I think about it … even though I am not a “American Football Sports Fan”, it does bother me my complete lack of knowledge in sports.

But what concerns me even more was that this was not how it was when I was a child, and my family had a subscription to the regional Sunday Paper and the weekly local Community Paper.  I was still not a “Sports Fan” in my youth, but I was a lot more “sports educated”.

1991 – Why I stopped watching TV nows (and now news videos)

I will admit, that starting in 1991, I stopped watching TV news, and I have never watched a TV news segment after that.  I will not even watch News videos.  That is how much I despise video news.

The very last video news segment that I ever watched was a reporting on the original Gulf War.  What I saw on the screen was a black screen with a bunch of flashes.  In reality, it was a war going on and a country being bombed.  But what really turned me off was my friend’s reaction to the news.  He was reacting to that news segment as if he was watching a video game.

How the media was reporting the news, and how my friend reacted to that news, disgusted me so much that I never again watched TV news.  I read newspapers.  I read articles on the internet.  But I will never watch a TV news segment either on regular TV or even a news video.

So I was not even getting any sports news from watching TV news or news videos.

1992 – Sunday Paper

The Sunday Paper was a huge paper.  It did not matter what city you lived in.  It was always the same.  The Sunday paper was the “big” paper that contained the summary of the week … for those who did not or could not keep up with the “news” on a daily basis.

Of course, there was the main section.  This section contained national news and international news.

The next major section was the local section that contained the news of the regional area (New York City or Chicago).

The other major sections were:

  • Sports (very important, even if a person is not a ‘sports fan’)
  • Entertainment, Amusement, and Celebrity Gossip
  • Classified Ads
  • Real Estate
  • Editorials and opinions
  • TV Listings, Movies, Comics, Crossword puzzles, horoscopes, kids news
  • Business, financial markets, and economics
  • Education and Cooking
  • Health and Wellness
  • Science and Technology

What I remember from my own experience was the whole family grabbing sections of the newspaper.  While you were waiting for somebody else to finish reading the comics, you would puruse other sections of the newspaper — including the sections that were not your “top interest”.

This provided the opportunity for people to at least have an awareness of what going on, even if was a simple level.

Article contained within the first few paragraphs the “who, what, where, when, how, and why”, so even if you only read what was on that page, you at least got the general sense of what was going on.  And if the author felt the need to “include the other side”, that information was included in the last two paragraphs.   So there was a rhyme and a reason for the way newspaper articles were written.  News was clearly marked as news, and opinion was clearly marked as opinion.

Local Community Paper

The Local Community Paper was the paper for your local neighborhood.  For example, when I was younger, I lived in a suburb of Chicago.  Our suburb had a local paper.  In that local paper, there was information about what was going on in the local community.   Who was running for the local school board and what was their position.  Who was running for city council, and what were their positions.  Local laws.  Local news.  Local events.

And of course, there was local sports.  How was this year’s High School Football, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, and whatever other sports the local high school had, was doing.  Even Middle School Sports and other “clubs” made news in the local paper.

Even I, when I was a little kid, got my picture on the front page of the local newspaper (not sports, something else), but you get the idea.  I even remember the weekly article of a child that was looking for a “forever home”.

But I have not seen or heard of a local community newspaper since I was in high school.  Once the internet was created, local newspapers went away with the dinosaurs … along with the local news of High School and Middle School sports teams.

Some internet sites have tried to recreate the Community Newspaper.  I just looked up the “Community Newspapers Website” for a previous community I lived in.  The school year began on September 1, and the last articles posted is dated July 22, over a month and a half ago.

Come on … sports tryouts for the local school team must have already started.  This is vital information.  The public needs to know.