7 Hacks for Training Like the Pros


If you are not a professional athlete, training like one is difficult. Their training schedules take up a lot of time, commitment, and effort that most people will struggle to fit around their everyday lives. But if you’re eager to put in the work and get the results, there are some hacks that can help you train like the pros without being a pro.

1.     Warm Up and Cool Down Properly

The pros know that warming up properly has such a huge effect on your physical performance. They have learnt through trial and error that if you fail to prepare, then you are preparing to fail. The first rule of training like a pro is to warm up like a pro; you need more than just a quick burst of cardio and a few stretches. Your muscles and tendons have to be fully prepared for the movements they are about to make so they can perform at their best and avoid injury. The same goes for when you’ve finished your workout. Stretch your muscles out and let your body return back to normal before taking anything else on.

2.     Routine Training

Consistency is key. There is no use training five times in one week then not at all the next. To reach your physical peak and train like the pros, your body needs routine and structure. Professional athletes have a strict training schedule that they follow, so you have to make sure training is part of your weekly routine at least three times a week. Any less, and you might not see the performance gains that you are after.

3.     Mix High and Low Intensity

Training like a professional is not all about going 100% in for each and every training session. A professional athlete only really pushes themselves with high intensity workouts every now and then to improve fitness level and heart function. Training intensely too often means you run the risk of injury and can cause stress on your body.

4.     Master the Moves

Most people that use the gym don’t bother to perfect the moves or make sure they are doing them correctly. But for efficient training, you need to know how to perform basic movements perfectly before upping the difficulty or resistance. If you don’t, the movement becomes harder, you perform less efficiently, and you have the potential to cause yourself injury. Get advice from a sports professional or someone at the gym who knows what they are talking about to help perfect your form and technique when performing moves.

5.     Mental Game

You know that little voice in your head that tells you to stop and that you don’t have to do this? Unlike your average gym goer, the pros have that completely under their control. They have learnt how to dig deep and push through any mental barriers they encounter so they can consistently perform to their highest abilities. To train like the pros, try and manipulate that little inside voice and silence it when it wants to give up.

6.     Rest and Recover

Allowing your body to recover is possibly one of the most important aspects of training. The professionals know this, and always have days of rest scheduled in. It may seem counterproductive, and many still believe that, to gain the most, you have to train every single day. But you need to let your muscles relax and repair themselves to become stronger. Take those rest days and allow your body to repair and recover faster with turkesterone so you can level up your lifts and continue to outperform yourself.

Knowing your limits is key to training like a pro. Push yourself, but don’t break yourself; and use these seven hacks to boost your athletic performance.