Footballers who hated playing the sport

Pfaffenhofen, Germany, 15th of May, 2020. Symbolphoto football in Corona times and the restart of the german 1.Bundesliga on May 15, 2020 in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, Germany.

There are a number of footballers who actually do not appear to like playing football that much.

Of course, we have all heard the phrase that goes along the lines of doing something you enjoy as it will not feel like a chore etc., which is why so many continue to enjoy the time that they spend when using the services that provides them with.

However, for many, there is nothing better than being a professional footballer and something that many of us who spend every waking moment (and every night slept) dreaming about potentially achieving.

Nonetheless, for the nine players that have been identified by Planet Football, it would seem that they really did not care for it and were just fortunate that they were blessed with the skill that so many of us simply are not.

Who are these former players, though?

Alex Song is perhaps the most famous of them all as he recently revealed he only moved to FC Barcelona from Arsenal because the dollar signs lit up in his eyes and would turn him into a millionaire, especially as he was told he would not play that often.

He had a forgettable time at the club, but he has the money he wanted.

Perhaps there is something in the water in and around north London, as Benoit Assou-Ekotto and David Bentley both appear next on the list. The former Cameroon international represented Tottenham whereas the once-talented Bentley played for both clubs but both did not seem to have the passion for the game.

Football fans of the 90s will have known the name Gabriel Batistuta and perhaps would have wanted to replicate what he could do on a football field when they played in the school field or at home in the garden or in the park as the Argentine was an exceptional goalscorer.

However, he had revealed that he did not like football as he saw it as his job and was not interested in the sport taking over his life.

Manchester City appear to have had problems with attracting players who did not like football, with both Mario Balotelli and Stephen Ireland were both not that interested in the sport and did not see the fun side in it, unlike those who continue to play the top online slots UK has to offer.

Lewin Nyatanga has admitted that he knows a number of players that do not like it, whilst revealing that he did not think it was ‘all it’s cracked up to be’, whilst Norwegian international Espen Baardsen clearly did not like the game as he retired at 25 after ‘getting bored’.

Curtis Woodhouse was no stranger to playing for a number of clubs in his career, however he admitted that playing had just ‘felt like a job’ and retired at 27 after becoming angry and bored with it. He did try to become a professional boxer, but has since had another spell in football, this side of the touchline, though.