How to Work out Like a Pro Footballer


Unless you are a pro athlete, you may wonder how those dudes get so ripped! Whether you are referring to UK football or football as the Yanks think of it, those guys really are ripped. So, how do they do it? What is their secret and is there anything you can do to work out to get the same, or similar results to them? Here are a few tips to be found looking at a few of how footballers work out to build mass.

Popular Exercises Among the Pros

To get a good idea of what the pro footballers do to get and stay in shape, let’s look at a few of the ways in which some have had great results. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the pros always know the benefit of allowing their muscles time to recover. If you want to hasten the recovery, there are several supplements on the market that are being used, even by the pros, to help heal and reduce inflammation. One particular recently discovered ecdysteroid supplement just might help you recover faster. Now let’s look at a couple of the pros.

Virgil Van Dijk

At age 30, Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool Centre-back, is an athlete to be emulated. As an elite athlete of the Premier League, Virgil has a set of preferred exercises that he uses to keep in shape. He routinely uses the set of the following exercises with 1 to 3 minute breaks in between:

  • SS Barbell Push – 3 sets of 6
  • Single leg box jump – 4 sets of 6
  • Bulgarian split squat – 4 sets of 6
  • Prowler push for a period of 10 seconds

The purpose of each of these exercises is to build strength by increasing weight on a weekly or bi-weekly timeline.

Recently Retired Sergio Aguero

At the age of 33 Sergio has recently announced his retirement. After all, as a pro footballer just leaving Manchester City after 10 years with this amazing club. Yes, he deserves a break but will absolutely keep up his fitness training. Remember, once a footballer always a footballer so Sergio will almost certainly:

  • Work the treadmill
  • Do barbell lunges
  • Prowler push
  • Ladder in-and-outs

He may no longer need to stay in top form, but as is common with many pro retirees, you never know what they might do after a single season in retirement. He’d want to stay in shape because he announced his retirement due to a heart condition. Nothing builds a healthy heart quite like keeping active.

No, you are not a pro footballer, but you can learn by example from what they have to do to get and stay in top shape throughout their careers.

Advice From Trainers

Another thing the pros have learned to do is take the advice of their trainers. One of the things that trainers will tell them is that they must rest in between sessions. This allows inflammation built up during sessions to decrease along with time to adjust to the gains they’ve just achieved. Yes, a trainer will work them hard. but a trainer par excellence will also explain the advantages to be gained by those periods of rest.

There really is no better teacher than one who has gained a position as a leader in the field. Both Sergio and Virgil are/were among the top compensated footballers and for a very good reason. Each views the sport as all-important and each continued to work out to stay in top form. Training like a pro gives new meaning to “suffer the losses while enjoying the gains.” In terms of workouts, suffering through losing excess body weight means you will also get to enjoy the gains of increased muscle mass. That’s what it means to work out like a pro footballer.