Footballers Who Have Been Banned for Breaking Betting Rules

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News stories of professional footballers getting bans for breaching FA betting rules appear regularly, yet players continue to breach regulations with sheer abandon. Several high-profile players, including current and past premier league stars, have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Gambling is a habit that can lead to addiction, with several high-profile stars losing fortunes amounting to millions of pounds.

Andros Townsend

Andros Townsend has had a stellar premier league career playing for teams like Tottenham, Crystal Palace, and Everton. The flying winger was found to have breached betting rules by the FA while on loan to Birmingham City during the 2012/13 season. He got a four-month suspension for breaching betting regulations. Townsend later revealed that he had lost £46,000 in one night due to gambling addiction. He managed to overcome the addiction by seeking help.

Joey Barton

Barton is a controversial former player and now manager of Bristol Rovers. He has had a stellar playing career in the premier league and the championship. Barton was found to have breached betting rules in 2016 when the FA discovered that he had betted on football matches and competitions between March 2006 and May 2016. Investigations revealed that he had placed 1,260 bets over a ten-year period, including wagers against teammates. The FA banned him for 18 months in 2017 for his misdemeanors. He also received a one-match ban from the Scottish Football Association for breaching gambling rules while playing for Glasgow Rangers.

Scott Kashket

In January 2020, Wycombe Wanderers’ Scott Kashket was banned from footballing activity for two months after the FA found that he had broken betting rules. Investigations revealed that the striker had placed 183 bets on football matches between September 2014 and August 2016 while playing for Leyton Orient. Incredibly, 65 of the wagers related to games his club was playing. Fortunately, an independent regulatory commission found that he was not involved in match-fixing.

Daniel Sturridge

Sturridge is the most high-profile star found to have breached betting rules in recent years. The former England, Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool striker was found to have broken betting rules in 2019 after investigations revealed that he had shared insider information related to a potential transfer in January 2018. He was given a four-month ban and was also fined £150,000 by Turkish club Trabzonspor, who also terminated his contract. Sturridge continues to protest his innocence, blaming bookmakers for allowing wagers on transfers.

Kieran Trippier

In July 2019, Trippier shared a WhatsApp message hinting that he was about to sign for Atletico Madrid. Friends used the information to place multiple bets on the move. An FA investigation found him guilty of sharing inside information and banned him from all footballing activities for ten weeks. He was also fined £70,000 and forced to bear the costs of the investigation.

Martin Demichelis

The former premier league winner with Man City was fined £22,000 in May 2016 for betting on football matches. Investigations revealed that he had placed 29 bets on games played over three weeks. He was lucky to escape a ban but was warned by the FA.

Dan Gosling

Former Newcastle United midfielder, Dan Gosling, was found to have made around £5,000 from betting activities while on the books of the club. He seemed to be unaware of the FA rules prohibiting registered players from placing bets on football matches. He was fined £30,000 and offered to donate his earning to a charitable trust sponsored by the club.

Cameron Jerome

The former Stoke City player admitted to having breached betting regulations several times during FA investigations. The FA fined him £50,000 for breaking betting rules in August 2013. Even though the club was affiliated with online bookmaker Bet365, there was no evidence of him gambling on Stoke games or involvement in match-fixing.

Betting Rules Apply to Non-League Players

Betting rules apply to all players registered with the FA, not just those who play in the professional leagues. Non-league players have found themselves in trouble for breaching betting rules. Recently Andi Thanoj and Jay Rollins of Boston United were banned from playing for five months after they were found to have breached FA rule E8.

The rule prohibits players directly or indirectly involved in a match from betting on any football match anywhere. The players were found to have placed 757 bets on football games over the course of six years despite being registered as professional football players. The pair was also fined £950 and £500 respectively.

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