The best football players to lose their fortunes in the casino

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Many of us like to place a bet sometimes, for this reason, it is not surprising that there are many football players who prefer gambling.

Whether in real-life clubs like Casino or online, some of the largest and most popular gamers can enjoy nothing more than betting on the outcome of a horse race, gambling, or even spinning roulette wheels. Here are some of the more popular soccer players with a passion for gambling. We can confidently say that you will be happy to find out that they share your addiction to the gameplay.

Paul Merson

He is a famous footballer who started his own stellar career at Arsenal and has proven himself to be the most famous person in professional football arenas. After being able to help his own team succeed in several seasons, he eventually admitted in 1994 that he could suffer from certain serious addictions, not just drugs, and alcohol, but also gambling. In subsequent years, Merson overcame these addictions, but, according to his estimates, he was able to lose about 7 million pounds just on gambling.

Joey Barton

Joey Barton, who played for Burnley, has enjoyed a very colorful career in the Premier League, playing in the best competitions around the world. But his addiction to football was able to resist only with a love of gambling. In fact, his passion for betting put his career in jeopardy when he was disqualified for 1.5 years due to his participation in an illegal bet. Barton noted that he made over a thousand bets on various football matches during 2006-2013, although football players are not advised to place bets on games where they can play.

Phil Bardsley

Phil Bardsley, a popular defender in England, has played in several Premier League establishments with the Championship. Despite this, he is almost as well known for his own gambling escapade immediately after the game with Southampton, where his club Sunderland could have drawn. Bardsley went to a gambling establishment to celebrate the results, but he didn’t expect the local paparazzi to be on the alert. They filmed the footballer lying on the floor with 50-pound bills covering his body. Much to his regret, this meant the end of his career at the club, because his coach was able to see pictures in the newspapers the next morning and fired the defenders without delay.

Dominic Matteo

Most footballers, as everyone knows, have had problems with gambling in their own careers, but Dominic Matteo most likely had some of the worst experiences. As sports betting connoisseur, he delivered a large sum twice – £ 200,000 for some kind of jump, even more astoundingly, won his own bet! Despite this success, Matteo lost many times and as a result, found himself with a large million dollar debt due to gambling. These debts caused him to go bankrupt in 2015.

Gigi Buffon

The Italian footballer and playing legend Buffon is popular for his role in some of the scandals that involve contractual games, but he is also known for his own corrupt gambling work. He was under the result of 2 certain illegal gambling cases in 2006 and 2012. Fortunately for him, the charges were later dropped. Buffon was so famous for his love of poker that the largest poker company, PokerStars, hired him as a promoter of their own merchandise and services.

David Bentley

Having started his own football career at Arsenal, Englishman David Bentley then began playing for a couple of British clubs, and also spent a year in the Russian Premier League, playing 12/13 for Rostov. Carried away by his own game, he also had a passion for betting, noting that he made his first bet at the age of 14. After his football career took off, he used his own growing fortune to bet on poker, horse racing, or online games such as Blackjack. Ultimately, his love of gambling turned out to be an addiction, but with the support of his own girlfriend, he was able to overcome this problem.

Keith Gillespie

Keith Gillespie was once a leading footballer who has played for England’s most famous teams, including Newcastle United and Manchester United. Brilliant on the pitch, unfortunately, Gillespie wanted to control his gambling habit by all means and was eventually declared bankrupt in 2010 after losing a shocking £ 7 million.