David Moyes ends City’s EFL dominance


When Manchester City was getting ready for the EFL Cup, also known as the Carabao Cup match, the team dominated the Cup for five years. In those five years, they won the trophy four times in a row, and six of the last finals were won by City. It was pure domination under Pep Guardiola. With a crucial win, West Ham betting raised their odds to another level.

Last day, this era of dominance was broken by David Moyes and his squad. A palpable moment for West Ham and their fans.

Manchester City fans would claim that they played with their second team as Ederson, Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva were rested. But the team had De Bruyne, Sterling, Gundagan, and Foden got some minutes in the second half. Also, Pep gave minutes to Jack Grealish to find the winning goal. But nothing happened as expected. David Moyes resisted for the full 90 minutes and won the game in the penalties.

West Ham will be double happy as they were able to knock out both the significant teams from Manchester – City and United. Before the match against City, they beat United for two goals. An act of sweet revenge after defeating them in the Premier League.

Mark Noble, the captain of West Ham, argued that Manchester City has two best squads in the title race. So, according to Mark, West Ham have defeated a stronger team.
David Moyes has done an outstanding job with West Ham since he took charge. He transformed West Ham into a fighting team. Moyes had many difficult periods as a manager. When Alex Ferguson retired, he was appointed as the manager of Manchester United. But due to the pressure, he was sacked after ten months. The next few years helped to evolve as a better manager with good football tactics, and in 2019, he got a chance to prove again with West Ham. Without any hesitations, he took that role. It was just the beginning of some good days at the club.

Last season, the club finished at 6th position and qualified for the Europa League. One of the best achievements for the club in the previous few years. Currently, the fans call him ‘Moyesiah’ with much respect that he deserves. After an outstanding season, the management offered him a new contract till 2023, and he accepted it.

Beating a team that used to rule the tournament for more than five is an excellent achievement. The Scottish manager said that now there is a lot of excitement all around the club. The win against City has increased the excitement. David Moyes deserves silverware for guiding this team very well. Hopefully, we can expect that he will win a title in the coming years.