A disappointing return for AC Milan to the UCL

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At the end of last season, AC Milan qualified for the Champions League for the first time in eight years. After many ups and downs, they reached the prestigious European Championship after finishing second in Serie A below Inter Milan with 79 points. The seven-time UCL champion had to wait eight years to get back to the premier championship. A long wait after the team fell from the highest level due to the board’s mismanagement. Milan’s last time in the UCL was in the 2013-14 season when Kaka, Mario Balotelli, and Keisuke Honda were in the squad. At that time, no one knew the team would have such a downfall in Europe. It was an unpleasant time for AC Milan betting too. But it was inevitable.

Slowly, the team was rebuilt under the guidance of their legendary former captain Paulo Maldini, and the UCL qualification was the fruit of their constant hardworking.

In the UCL draw, the team was in group B with Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and FC Porto. One of the death groups in this season’s UCL. For entertainment, the fans could not ask for more than this, and when the fixtures were announced, it was more interesting. The first match was against Liverpool FC. One of the main rivals of AC Milan in Europe. The team has bitter and sweet memories with them in the UCL. The painful memory was in 2005. The match, known as the ‘Miracle of Istanbul’, scored three goals in the first half and then conceded three back to lose the game in the penalties. It was a nightmare for the Italians.

The sweet memory comes after two years when both the teams met each other again in the final, and Milan thrashed them to win the title. An act of sweet revenge after two years.
This season, again, they faced Liverpool in the first match. The match had all the hypes as the two best teams ready for the battle. They conceded the goal first but came back with two goals in the first half itself. It was an end to end game. But in the second half, Liverpool returned with more power, and they didn’t respond to it.

The second match was against Atletico Madrid, where they 1-2 after having the lead. It was frustrating for Milan to concede two goals in the last ten minutes to lose the game.

The third match was against Porto. In papers, it was an easy game for Milan and also a must-win one. But Porto shocked Milan with a goal in the 65th minute.

Milan has now lost three consecutive games in the Champions League. Milan’s chance to progress is a faint one as they have zero points from three games. But the team will surely try to win the three games to have some hope at least.