Can Lille retain the Ligue 1 title?

Gabriel Magalhães 2019/20 – scout report -tactical-analysis-tactics
His long ball doesn't reach a teammate but Ajax struggled to recover the second ball because it was in a dangerous area. It ended up into a Lille player's feet and Lille created a chance from Gabriel's long ball.

Only a few teams in Ligue 1 tried to end the dominance of PSG. All of them failed in doing it. They chased them but fell when the season progressed. No club could chase them to win the league title. One of the main reasons was the squad depth and the quality of the players. As a season progresses, every team needs the players to be positive momentum. But sometimes, due to the tight schedule, the winning run cannot be maintained. For small clubs, it will be more difficult. The financial stability of a team is also a significant factor in winning the title. There is no team in the French league which has at least the 50% of the financial stability that PSG has. Financial stability is also an advantage for Ligue 1 betting.

Last season, when Lille was in the title race, every football pundit thought they would not compete with PSG until the end. They were sure that Lille would lag at some point, as were the analysts at Las Vegas Casino, who backed PSG all the way. Everyone compared this team to all the other teams that competed against PSG in the previous seasons.

But Lille was serious in chasing PSG, and in the end, they had the winners smile. It was their fourth league title in history. Before that, they won it in 1945, 1953 and 2010. When the season was coming to an end, it felt like that Lille would drop points. But they kept their composure till the last minute of the final game to win the title.

Now let’s see if Lille can repeat what they did by looking at the games played in Ligue 1 this season. Let’s compare the first eleven of the 2020-21 season and this season.
In 2020-21, after finishing ten rounds, Lille was sitting second in the table with 19 points, and PSG had a lead of five points. The main positive factor was that Lille had only lost one game, and PSG dropped every point in two games.

Now let’s look at their performances this season after completing ten games. The point table is not looking so comfortable for Lille. Currently, the champions are sitting in eleventh with just fourteen points. In ten games, they have only won four. The number of losses is also four. Last season they had only lost three games in total. This season’s campaign is deplorable for the Lille based club.

Some departures have affected Lille this season. Their league winning manager Christophe Galtier moved to their league rival club Nice, who are currently sitting above Lille. The departure of their goalkeeper Mike Maignan has also affected them badly. His crucial saves were important in the league winning run.

So, after analysing their performances, we can see that it will be difficult for Lille to retain their title this season.